September 2016

Baby food is evil

So whats the hardest thing about being a stay at home dad?

Is it…. the cleaning, the school runs, the rushing from place to place, making dinners, the bedtimes, the constant Balamory and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV, talking about Minecraft or the lack of adult interaction? No….in my opinion it’s baby food.

You see, I’m a picky enough eater, I like my food the way I like it (everyone else is wrong). I have plenty of what I’d call ‘quirky rules’ when eating;

  • tomato ketchup and beans do not mix (they come in a sauce for a reason)
  • ketchup and gravy should not be on the same plate
  • gravy and melted butter should not touch each other on the plate
  • white pepper goes on turnip and sweet potatoes, black pepper on meat and Italian
  • I don’t eat slop; porridge, soup mushy peas. URGH!!

Bingo and Buzz cuts

Daddy gets a ‘hair cut’

For 10 years I’ve worked on the front line in an Auctioneers and have had to keep myself pretty presentable (note that ‘pretty’ is definitely used as an adjective here). So, after weeks (probably months really) of having unruly hair and no time get it cut I found myself in the city with a sleeping child in a buggy and at least a 20 – 30 minute window of opportunity. So I got it cut and by cut I mean ….shaved off.

So how did this go down in the ‘Poppins household’:

‘Brows’ing through the last week

What a week its been; I launched this blog at 5ish on Thursday, while feeding Bella her dinner, (not a good plan). I didn’t expect to get the response I did. Thank you all so much.

The Facebook page and Twitter account (@Daddypoppinsblg ‘plug plug’) were launched later that night (I’ve been having great craic on them). Although I must say I’m not sure how to handle the fact that Daddypoppins has nearly as many followers on Facebook in 4 days as I have Facebook friends in my entire lifetime. Seems like a popular fella by all accounts and ya know what, I’m starting to like the name. Hey, maybe I should change my name by deed poll?

Day 1, in the Big Blogger house

So the long and the short of it is, I’ve decided to quit my job as an Auctioneer and become a full time dad….

I’ll be documenting the trials and tribulations of parenthood on this blog as I go. I hope you’ll stick with me, as with my little monsters in toe I’m bound to find myself in some sticky situations. So I guess its time I introduced the kids for those that don’t know them.

Firstly, there’s my wonderful little man, Ben; Minecraft obsessed, cute as a button, sharp as a razor, lover of watermelon. He’s 6… going on 12.

Next up is my little princess, Bella. This gorgeous little lady is 10 months old, walking already, into everything, an instant locator of open doors, unattended bins and dangerous electrical cables and a real breaker of hearts. 

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