What a week its been; I launched this blog at 5ish on Thursday, while feeding Bella her dinner, (not a good plan). I didn’t expect to get the response I did. Thank you all so much.

The Facebook page and Twitter account (@Daddypoppinsblg ‘plug plug‘) were launched later that night (I’ve been having great craic on them). Although I must say I’m not sure how to handle the fact that Daddypoppins has nearly as many followers on Facebook in 4 days as I have Facebook friends in my entire lifetime. Seems like a popular fella by all accounts and ya know what, I’m starting to like the name. Hey, maybe I should change my name by deed poll?

‘I wonder if this is how the likes of Sting started out. You know, a bit of fun and then it stuck….’ Right, I’m actually going to look that up:

Holy Moly, all he had to do was wear the wrong sweater and suddenly that is his name!! I’ve actually created a 3rd person style persona, I must be royally screwed. Still, it’d be great craic being called Daddy Poppins. Imagine getting to sign cheques with a signature like that, or have a credit card with ‘Daddy Poppins’ on it. (Never mind the fun you’d have if you were stopped by the Guards!!)

Anyway, back to the point, my phone was buzzing away with Facebook notifications all night and the Bear was giving me the ‘hairy eyeball’. I never thought that twitching an eyebrow could communicate an entire sentence before but boy was I wrong. With one flick of her brow, she said in no uncertain terms,

‘I hope you don’t think you are just going to stay at home and play on your phone all day’

and then to ‘subtlety’ reinforce the eyebrow movement she said

‘I hope you don’t think you are just going to stay at home and play on your phone all day?’

‘No, no. I’ll mind the kids, Daddy Poppins will do the blog’, I replied, with a smirk and a wink.

I won’t even get into what her next ‘brow movement’ said to me.

So, let me think, what else happened this week:

Well, I played the microwave-coffee game; ‘What? You haven’t heard of it?’

Let me lay down the game rules:

  1. Make yourself a mug of coffee
  2. Take a quick sip
  3. Forget about your coffee
  4. Realise your coffee has gone cold
  5. Stick your coffee in the microwave
  6. Go back to step 3 (and repeat)

It’s you versus the microwave. You win if you remember the coffee and get to drink it. The microwave wins if you microwaved it so much that it’s undrinkable and have to start afresh.

And who’s winning after 5 days? Let’s just say that although I’m 1-0 up against the freezer the scoreline against the microwave is definitely not in my favour. I actually get the feeling the microwave is mocking me.

5-1, 5-1, 5-1 !!!! 5-1, 5-1, 5-1 !!!!

The ‘Shopping’ Trip

On Friday, we went shopping; well I say ‘shopping’, what I mean is Bella, the Bear and I had some lunch and then we waited for the Bear in Penneys. It all started in the usual way; packing like a you’re heading off for a 2 weekholiday justt to bring a child outside for an hour or so.

‘Have you packed nappies?’ ‘Yes’

‘A spare change of clothes?’ ‘Yes’

‘Bottles?’ ‘Yes’

‘Formula’ ‘Yes’

‘Bear, I have everything lets just go!’

So out the door we went, Bella and I happy to have a trip out of the house (the Bear happy to be going shopping). It was all going smoothly until we pulled up in the underground car park in City Square. A niggling feeling crept over me, ‘somethings wrong’ I thought, then out came a word from my mouth that you shouldn’t say out loud in front of a child.

‘Bear’ I said, doing my best ‘puppy dog eyes’, do you you remember I said I had ‘everything?’

‘Yes,’ she replied, her eyebrow twitching.

‘Emmmmm, I forgot the buggy

‘Ah! Benny’ (she’s not calling me Daddy Poppins yet)

‘Don’t worry I’ll carry her, we’ll be grand’

So off we went to no 9 on Barronstrand street, ‘They do really good baby food’, the Bear said, and this time my eyebrow replied with a ‘sarcastic yeah’. We found a table and were presented with 2 different menus.

‘We don’t need a wine list at this hour’ I thought.

But low and behold it wasn’t a wine list, there in front of me was my first ever experience of a full extensive baby menu. ‘Bear, They have a better selection for babies than some restaurants had for adults’ I gasped. That didn’t stop both Bella and the Bear eating my chips however!!

When the meal was over we headed into Penneys to ‘pick up a few bits’ (Ahem* Cough* Cough*). Me holding the child on my hip, the Bear ‘browsing’. Then it happened, the Bear disappeared and I was literally left holding the baby. The next time we saw her was probably 40 minutes later, she had one of those sack type bags that you only find in the likes of Penneys and to say it was pretty full was an understatement. ‘Penneys Bargain fever’ had kicked in and I knew to stand well back.

‘This child is getting heavy’ I advised, ‘We’ll be upstairs in Insomnia, come and get us when you are ready.’

‘Jaysus, I wont need the gym after this, it’s like a kettle bell work out’, I thought

Finally Bella and I arrived to the counter of Insomnia, ‘a large americano and a baby Seat please!’.

‘Phew!’ I exhaled as I managed to secure her in the seat, my arms aching.

A few minutes rest bite then occurred, Bella chewing on some plastic thing and giggling and Daddy enjoying his coffee. After that we had a round of making funny faces at each other and playing ‘Peep’, much to the amusement of a little old lady sitting opposite. She’s a little charmer. (Bella, that is, not the little old lady)

After awhile the Bear arrived, laden with bags.

The Bear with her Penneys purchases (She was rocking the Nepalese look that day) The Bear with her Penney’s (thats Primark for you UK folk) purchases (She was rocking the Nepalese look that day)

Being a gentleman, I took some of them, to add to the child I was already lumping around. By the time I got back to the car there was only one thing going on in my head, that this whole ‘I’ll carry her’ thing was a very poor decision and that’s when it happened……

As I opened the boot to put the bags inside I saw something was already in there. Ah FFS!!!!!!

So this week Daddy Poppins learned a very valuable lesson; ‘always check the boot before declaring you have forgotten the buggy’

As for Ben, what was he up to this week? Well, school of course but other than that he’s been on his tablet. What else do 6 year olds these days do.I’ll tell you what else 6-year-olds do… they sneak up behind you when you least expect it and when you turn around they shoot you in the face with a Nerf crossbow.

‘Daddy’, ‘Yes’………..Bang….. Headshot!!!

That was my week. Till next time.

Daddy P…..

hahaha…. ‘P. Daddy’ (I really am I liking this name thing)

“Bear, you wanna change your name to Mrs. Poppins?

— Daddy Poppins, after realising he could call himself P. Daddy

I guess that's a no then

I guess that’s a no then