October 2016

Stags, Sock Monsters and Hurling

In this blog Daddy explains whey there was no blog last week, talks; Sock monsters, Turning into his Mother, getting back in the good books, fires an Uzi, embarrasses a mate and fires in a clip of the All Ireland just for good measure. A real ‘mixed bag’, just like the Irish climate (which he also discusses)

Transformers Devastation on PS4 – the little man reviews

So the second free game this month on PlayStation Plus is Transformers Devastation, I wasn’t expecting much seeing as they were also giving away Resident Evil this month. (You can check out my review of that here) I turned to… Continue Reading →

Resident Evil for Playstation 4 – One for the Dads

Calling all Dads. Calling all Dads. Did you know that this month one of the free games on PlayStation plus is Resident Evil? It was one of the first games I played on PlayStation 1 (after Tekken, of course) and… Continue Reading →

Murals and Mo’s (World Mental Health Week)

This week Daddy Poppins discusses World Mental Health Week, Waterford Walls, Joe Caslin’s amazing mural and male suicide. Has a big conversation with Ben and comes to a big decision regarding his face and annoying his wife (even further), while all in a good cause.

Blog 5: Karmas a B***h (How to spot CDO)

So I was just sitting there minding my own business, observing the Friday night ritual known as ‘wine o’clock’ between the Bear and an (as yet unnamed) neighbour. Then…. they got round to the subject of my blog.

Bear: I usually don’t know what he’s put up until one of the girls in my office tells me. Then I have to go and check what he’s said this week.

(quick glance in my direction)

Bear: One of the girls said they loved the blog but…..’He makes ya out to be some wagon?’

Daddy: Makes ya out?…..ha!

(not sure if I thought that or said it out loud, shit they’re looking over, time to slink back into ‘observation mode’… like a tortoise retreating into the sanctuary of his shell)

Bear: Sure look at him, sitting there on his phone probably taking notes. Ya can’t say nothing anymore.

(I splutter out an involuntary chuckle, as that’s exactly what I’m doing)

Bear: This better not go in your blog!!

Daddy: Hahahaha, I promise

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