Calling all Dads. Calling all Dads. Did you know that this month one of the free games on PlayStation plus is Resident Evil?

It was one of the first games I played on PlayStation 1 (after Tekken, of course) and it blew my mind at the time. It was so different from the other games on the market. It literally created a new genre of video games (survival horror) and paved the way for the likes of Silent Hill. I remember playing it with a friend of mine on a PS1 with no memory card to save (as they were too expensive to buy) I think it added to the tension.

“Oh Crap, a bloody big snake!!”

— 5 hours in with no way to save

Holy Moly, that was released in 1996!! 20 years old. Jaysus. Look, I’m sure you’ve played the original and just want to know what the story is with this one? is it the same thing? does it look ‘blocky’ as be damned? Is it still worth playing after 20 years?

Well, this HD remastered edition of Resident Evil looks pretty good on the new-gen consoles, thanks to 1080p resolution and some nicely touched up backgrounds and textures. Look, it still has dodgy enough control system and some weird camera angles but I have always felt that it added to the tension and panic in the original and I’d actually be disappointed if it had been changed. (there is an option for different controls but I’m old school)

So the kids are in bed, and I should be too but I’ve made the conscious decision to swap sleep time for game time (as I’m sure most gamer dads have at some point). Anyway, the best time to play Resident Evil is late at night with all the lights off.

So having not played the original for almost 20 years I could tell that there were some other differences besides graphics but couldn’t put my finger on it (my memory from the age of 17-18 isn’t the greatest) but then I started noticing things that I had definitely never seen before.

Kerosene canisters? Nope, I don’t remember them.

I’m playing away, shooting zombies doing my thing and as I’m backtracking through a corridor to solve a puzzle a zombie (I had killed almost 2 hours previously) rises up from the ground and starts swiping at me with big huge claws!! ‘What the hell is happening’, I thought. This is where it gets a little confusing (almost Inception-like) but stick with me here; this is the 2nd remake of Resident Evil, it was remade in 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube and this is actually a remake of that game.

Right, so here it is, the major difference between the original and the 2002 remake is that if you don’t headshot or burn the bodies of the zombies they come back to life as these ‘Crimson heads’,

‘Aha, that’s what the kerosene is for!’.

As the original 1996 game is probably one of my favourite games of all time I’m not sure that I like this change. (We’ll there’s that and the fact that I now have to go around burning all these bodies). But hey its a free copy of remastered Resident Evil. How could I be mad at it!!

“I wish I knew this 3 hours ago, this place is littered with zombie corpses”

— Daddy Poppins, around 2 am upon checking the net to see what the hell these crimson headed yolks are

So whats my overall thoughts:-

It’s still great. Its better than some of the more recent games I’ve paid for. A solid 8/10 from Daddy Poppins (obviously Ben didn’t review this one)