Firstly; Apologies

As you may have noticed, there was no blog last week. I was at a stag in Poland last weekend and I literally and figuratively lost a few days (I’m not 17 anymore 🙁 ). I have been trying to catch up and get back in the good books with the Bear ever since*

*there’s still a lot more to be done to get back on any kind of book, never mind the ‘good kind’

I can remember some of the weekend and if you’re interested it involved the likes of the following.

Ok that was just an excuse to show off the lovely Karl Jacques in all of his finery. It all gets a bit blurry after these shots. We arrived back with one of the largest Bangs ever and the blog was not on my radar. So apologies again..

I think this picture perfectly sums up how my body felt this week I think this picture perfectly sums up how my body felt this week I did find the text on this lighter I arrived home from Poland with very amusing though I did find the text on this lighter I arrived home from Poland with very amusing though

So after just about surviving the week I actually had a very productive weekend; cleaning was done (including the Bears car, did I mention I need to get back in the good books?), the final cut of the grass before the winter completed, Halloween decorations put up and some preparation for Bella’s 1st birthday put in place. (Where did that year go eh?).

We also managed to go for a family lunch in Dungarvan and we finally picked up a 2nd car. It means I’m not dropping the Bear and forth to work and Ben isn’t going ballistic about having to be dragged along when he could be enjoying himself (rather than sitting in a car having his conversations notarized for blog material).

For some reason when purchasing the car the term ‘glove compartment’ came up, It made me think…….. how many gloves have you ever put in one?

From gloves to socks…

Sock Wars III: The return of the clothes

Right, here it is. I know there’s a sock monster, you know there’s a sock monster but my one is taking the piss. Should I ever catch my sock monster and put him on trial the following picture will be regarded as ‘Exhibit A’

Sorry guys, but how do you put on a wash and end up hanging out 13 socks!!

Now you may think… 13 that’s not bad, you only lost one along the way. No, Ladies and Gents these 13 socks were made up of……. 3 pairs and 7 individual, odd socks!!

If only there was a way to keep them in pairs….

It’s been laundry, laundry, laundry since returning from Poland. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘since I became a stay at home Dad I’m slowly turning into my mother’

There’s some drying out there today lads

Its serious guys I’ve found myself racing home from Waterford to ‘take in the washing’. You see when you live in a climate like ours it isn’t just a case of doing the washing and banging it out on the line. Ireland is known to have 4 seasons in one day and not timing a trip to the shops properly can cause a serious back up in the laundry production line.

With our climate laundry is like a professional sport. I mightn’t be getting paid but it takes a hell of a lot of skill to empty an Irish laundry basket in October. Scratch that, laundry is more akin to GAA than professional sports

For those of you not from Ireland, GAA (particularly hurling) is the fastest and best field sport in the world, don’t believe me? Check out the last few minutes of a recent All Ireland hurling final below (and if you’re Irish then watch it again… its brilliant)

As for all the moaning about laundry I reckon I have it covered at this stage, I only have 1 question…. How do you fold a fitted sheet?


So there you go, it turns out being a parent is just googling stuff.

I’d like to point out at this stage that although I am slowly becoming my mother I haven’t yet progressed to the ‘buying sh*t just because it’s on offer’ phase.

We had a cupboard in the utility at home that had so many tinned goods and non perishables stockpiled in it that if a non family member looked inside they’d swear my mother knew that Donald Trump was soon to have his finger on the button (all she would need was a fallout shelter and she’d be sorted)

Other than that this week we’ve been getting in the Halloween mood, we’re in the process of building an Enderman (from Minecraft, of course) costume and I’ve decided I’ll dress up as Steve (yup, Minecraft). We’ve been watching horror films. The Bear and I watched The Descent (It was alright), then we watched the new Ghostbusters……. mmmm Ben liked it.

We’ve also been getting in the Halloween spirit by buying way too much chocolate and eating it all ourselves. Its a family tradition.

Gotta go…… Its just about to Rain… Have to bring in the washing