November 2016

When is the right time to put up your Christmas decorations?

This topic is the cause of many an argument throughout the world. Although not as much as board games on Christmas day.

When should you put up your decorations:

  • The start of Advent (…like a proper Christian)

  • Once I see the coca cola truck advert

  • The night of the late late toy show (its an institution here in Ireland)

  • The start of December (like day 1, up she goes, no excuses)

Best Christmas Films for Kids

Daddy P sits down Ben and discusses Christmas films. It didn’t turn out the way I would have guessed but its an interesting list none the less. Have a look and see if you agree… let us know what you think in the comments.

The perils of growing a mo as a ginger/’strawberry blonde’ man

Daddy P charts the growth (or non growth) of his #movember mo. From its humble beginnings as ginger stubble to its current state as a ginger lip caterpillar. …..Will it blossom into a wonderful butterfly? 

As usual there’s plenty of gags and waffle but this is a very serious subject matter and I’d love if you could spare a few euros/pounds/dollars and donate to the Movember foundation to help men from dying too young.

Battlefields (night and morning)

Daddy Poppins faces 2 different Battlefields (both as treacherous as the other) as he overdoes the ‘me time’, wakes up late and has to get the house motoring before he’s really got going himself.

So last night the Bear said ‘I’m off to bed, you coming?’

‘No, I’m just going to have a few minutes on the Playstation’

Bad call Daddy P…. Bad Call


The Deadly Tower of Monsters PlayStation 4 review by the little man

This month on PlayStation Plus The Deadly Tower of Monsters is free. Daddy Poppins and the little man sat down and tried it out. “If you are a B Movie fan or grew up playing baldurs gate or golden axe (a hack… Continue Reading →

How to build a Minecraft head

So does your kid spend too much time on Minecraft? Then why not have some excellent parent child time away from the tablet or Xbox etc and keep them interested by building something they love.

My little fella loves:

1. Minecraft

2. Arts and Crafts

3. Role playing/ Play fighting

So we decided to build some Minecraft heads for Halloween for use in lots of future play rather than just purchase a once off outfit to be thrown in a closet and never used again.

Here is how we did it:

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