‘Daddy I’d like to be an Enderman for Halloween’

‘A…. What?'(Scratching his head)

‘They’re in Minecraft, They’re cool!’

‘Ok, let’s have a look at them online’

(Its a box on his head, how hard can it be?)

So Daddy goes online and checks out what Endermen are and then, (being lazy) he checks if anyone else has made them before….Yup, lots of people have and they are all really complicated with lights or my little fella doesn’t like them

‘because the eye-holes are too big’ and although you can see out it ‘doesn’t look exactly like an Enderman’

……Right, I’ll be a Minecraft guy too and we can make 2 at once. I’ve decided to be Steve (the main character), as he wears a T-shirt and Jeans, I didn’t fancy having to buy a whole green outfit that I’d never use again just to be a Creeper (even if they’ve cooler heads)

Of course, we could have just bought a head online but this project allowed me to spend some quality father-son time with the Little Man and combined 3 things he loves

1. Minecraft

2. Arts and Crats

3. Role-playing/ Play fighting

Hopefully, this head will survive more than 1 Halloween and we can spend endless hours play fighting with them on.

How to make a Minecraft Head for a Halloween outfit

There’s plenty of people online showing you how to make Minecraft heads but a lot of them are just printing a template and sticking it onto a box. How fun is that though eh?

So Daddy Poppins decided he was going to sit down with his little one and not only have fun wearing but also making it. We’re going to paint ours!!

Here’s what you need:

  • The right sized box for your head (Daddy used a Pampers nappy box, the Little Man needed a smaller box)
  • PVA glue
  • Some paintbrushes
  • A Scissors
  • Newspapers (the less dark print the better for most designs)
  • Paint (selection in the right colours)
  • Depending on the design you may need purple paper/purple see-through material (for the Enderman)
  • 4-5 bottles of beer (optional*)


Step 1: Online Templates

Select a Template you’d like to use from online, they are all a little different.

  • If you want a good Enderman design you can find it here
  • or if you want the Steve one you can find it
  • There’s plenty more online, just google the character you’d like

Sample Steve head design Sample Steve head design

Step 2: Checking the box size

Check your box is the right size by placing it on the head of the future Enderman (or other Minecraft character), it should be snug enough but not restrictive (the Little Man gave me the thumbs up here). Marking the eye level with small holes at this point could be helpful but isn’t essential as the head will need internal padding to fit later

Step 3: Paper Mache

A lot of boxes are shiny on the outside and will not take paint directly onto them so I’d suggest at this point covering it in Paper Mache. (this also strengthens the head for future robust play fighting)

  • Using a paint brush coat the outside of the box with PVA glue.
  • Using a bowl, ½ fill with PVA glue ½ fill with water and mix it up
  • Cover the box with small torn pieces of the newspaper and paint the ½ and ½ mixture from the bowl over the top of them. (you could also dip the paper into the mixture instead)
  • Keep applying layers and painting with the mixture until everywhere is covered.
  • Leave to dry overnight
  • Drink some of the beer** (again optional, but advised)

Step 5: Measuring and marking out

  • Measure the length of one of its sides. And divide it by 8.
  • In my case, the box was 25cm long so each square was 3.125cm wide. (I know, a really handy number eh?)
  • Mark out the box into an 8 x 8 grid
  • Cut out the appropriate squares of the eyes (on the Enderman head the eyes are 3 blocks wide, I cut them all out and added the purple card and plastic later)

Ok, Ok, I forgot to take a photo of me marking out the paper mached box, so hears me marking out a different one for illustration purposes. I blame the optional beers Ok, Ok, I forgot to take a photo of me marking out the paper mache’d box, so here’s me marking out a different one for illustration purposes. I blame the optional beers

Step 6: Painting

  • Get out your paints and paint the appropriate squares
  • (for the ‘Steve head’, I had the Little Man paint in all the hair first then I added a darker/lighter shade to some of the squares to make it look pixillated)
  • (for the Enderman I got the Little Man to paint most of it grey, bar the black squares, then I added them in later)
  • Once the Enderman head was dry I added the plastic for the eyes (just taped it in place on the inside of the box)
Freshly painted Steve Head

Freshly painted Steve from Minecraft Head

Leave the head to dry, again overnight is preferable.

Step 7: Fitting

So, now you have a Minecraft head but it will still probably rattle around on your own head, you’ll need to create an internal dome shape for it to be stable. (You could add a chin strap too if you want it really secure)

  • Roll up some newspaper and tape it in place inside the head so the boxy outside becomes more ‘hat-shaped’ inside (If the eyeholes are a little lower than required you can use the newspaper to correctly fit the box so you have a perfect view)
  • (if you really want to be fancy you could paper mache this too)

I wasn’t ‘fancy’

Then viola……. you are done. Add the appropriate accessories (for the Little Man it was…. all black, for me, just a t-shirt and jeans) and ……..Go do some trick or treating!!

Check out the finished project below.

Oh… they are great for play fighting and having gotten my first whack of a sword the other day I’m glad of the internal padding.