This month on PlayStation Plus The Deadly Tower of Monsters is free. Daddy Poppins and the little man sat down and tried it out.

“If you are a B Movie fan or grew up playing baldurs gate or golden axe (a hack and slash type gamer) then you can’t go far wrong with The Deadly tower of Monsters, its a modern almost top down version of this type of game disguised as a 1950’s film”

— Daddy Poppins

So little man, what did you think of the game?

‘It’s good but not as good as Transformers (you can find it’s review here). Cos that was like ‘pew pew pew, Cher chi chi chi Ching. Taa Daa Boom.’ (Exact quote*) Transformers had cooler abilities and there were more robots to play as.

(please bear in mind that Transformers was the first similar game he’s played on a console, his extensive gaming knowledge goes from transformers to Minecraft, with nothing in between)

What did you like about:

‘It had a lot of commentary!’

‘OK….. and what does commentary mean, little man?’

‘It sounded good, it told you what was happening’

‘It made it easier to find your way around’

“I loved the commentary too, there were some good adult jokes that flew above the heads of any kids playing; including the classic ‘Uranus Pun’”

— Daddy Poppins

What else did you like about it?

‘There were pretty cool bad guys!’

“The Bad guys were a mix of all kinds of everything, the commentary explained how they came about, mainly due to budget issues. My favourite was the ‘dog/hoover combination’ bad guy and the explanation that followed”

— Daddy Poppins

What didn’t you like about it?

‘The scissors was really silly. Would have been better if it was like a power core (again, this was in Transformers). Like ‘phuuu diss.’ (Exact quote*)’

“I loved the scissors (you’ll have to get to it to see what we mean, no spoilers here) I though it added to whole B movie bad budget aspect”

— Daddy Poppins

As there are 3 characters (a man, woman and robot) I asked which was his favourite:

‘I like the girl. She looked awesome’

‘Like your Mammy…. cool and awesome’ said his Mam from the other room.

‘Uh huh’ replied the little man (He’s very well trained)

‘I thought you’d like the robot’

‘No…..The robot was too slow’

So little man, what was your favourite weapon:

‘Oh…the big spikey ball thing. Cos it looked pretty cool’

You least favourite enemy?

‘Definitely the Emperor!’

And your favourite:

‘The Monkey Archers, I knew how to kill them’

“Its not a long game. It took us 10 plus hours with me taking turns when he go stuck. the difficulty level isn’t too high for kids. A great introduction to this type of game that Dads will enjoy too”

— Daddy Poppins

Some examples of B movies including one called forbidden plant that Deadly Tower of Monsters ‘paid homage’ to

Now little man, the all-important final score:

‘Mmmmm, just less than Transformers’

‘So it got 7, will we give it 6.5?’


So there you have it. The little man scores The Deadly tower of Monsters 6.5/10