Top 11 Children’s Christmas Films

So I sat down Ben (My soon to be 7 year old) and we talked Christmas films. Then we came up with a list. You can find the countdown of Bens favourites below.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

The best of the Christmas carol’s in our opinion. Micheal Caine is fantastic and the Muppets keep the story rocking along. Daddy P finds that some versions of ‘A Christmas Carol’ can be a bit dreary or scary for younger kids. This one gets it just right

Arthur Christmas

Ben says its ‘pretty good and cool’. Daddy P thinks its really well made and could well storm up the ‘top 10 Christmas kids films’ charts in the future. The Story is about Arthur, Santa’s bungling son and how he has only a few hours to sort out the issue of an undelivered present. Its really well paced and there are some great scenes, particularly the one with the elves delivering presents ‘commando style’. A real alternative to the usual Christmas films. If you haven’t seen it its well worth a watch. Stick it on this years list.

Rise of the Guardians

Ben says ‘Thats the one with Jack Frost, Yeah… its pretty good. But it can be a bit scary because they kill the nightmares. It’s probably a little bit scary for little kids. But NOT ME!’

Daddy P thinks this is really well made and a great watch (it has Father Christmas, the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, the Sandman and the Easter Bunny in it, Whats not to like about that eh?) I’d agree with Ben though; I’m not sure how suitable it is for younger kids as the bad guy is ‘the Boogieman’ and one of the themes is nightmares. To be watched with mam or Dad

The Snowman

Ben says ‘there’s no words but it’s really ‘Christmassy’ it’s a bit sad at the end though‘. 

This was a favourite of Daddy P as a kid and with its short running time its good for younger kids but be warned snowmen don’t last forever…..

A Nightmare before Christmas

Ben says ‘It’s more for Halloween. I like it. I like weird things, again its a little bit scary‘.

Daddy P thinks this is a great alternative Christmas film, in which Jack Skellington, from Halloween town stumbles through a portal into Christmas town and decides to celebrate the holiday, the highlight for me is the ‘Whats this?’ song (shown below). Its a stop animation film created by Tim Burton and has his dark, quirky style stamped all over it. 


For me this is a Christmas classic. The cute as hell Mogwai gets wet and all kinds of mischief ensues. For older kids and again to be watched with Mum or Dad

Die Hard

Only messing,…… just seeing if you’re paying attention

Definitely near the top of the list for Adult Xmas films though

Definitely near the top of the list for Adult Xmas films though


Ben says ‘Yeah.. he sneaked into Santas sack and was ‘tooken’ to the North Pole. They had to keep him and pretend he was an elf. He was too big to be an elf. I love when he burps, Burrrrrrrpp!!!!’

Daddy P thinks this should be higher up the list. There’s some great lines in it (maybe they go over kids heads). He also loves the burp scene (you can witness it in all its glory below)

Santa Claus the movie

‘Oh that’s really good. The boy and girl fall in love. Now he has friends; Santa, the girl and that elf that makes the magic candy’. ‘And the candy makes you fly!!’ – there it is, Ben’s review, Santa Claus the Movie in a nutshell.

This was one of the first films Daddy P went to the cinema to see, Its a must watch for over the Christmas period and is The Santa film. All others are pretenders to the crown.

The Grinch

This was the first film he suggested when I asked what his favourtie Christmas film was. It was only after we talked about it for a while did 2 others jump ahead of it in the pecking order. He told me it was one of his favourites because ‘the Grinch gets a good heart in the end’.

(Awh!, Bless him)

Daddy P thinks that Jim Carrey is unreal in this. He’s a class act and Dr Seuss stories seem to always make great films that suck in the kids (Horton hears a Who and the Lorax spring to mind)

The Polar Express

Daddy P must admit that he’s zoned out both times he’s attempted to watch this film. From what I can gather its about a boy who gets on a train and it goes to the North Pole. I think the narration from Tom Hanks is lovely but a bit monotone for me in the middle of some festive beer, sorry ‘cheer’. But Ben was resolute, 

‘This is my 2nd favourite Christmas film’,  

‘Why’ I asked

‘Because he didn’t believe in Santa and then he did and it’s the bell he got off the reindeer. i loved it’  (I hope that makes sense to people that have seen it before)

‘Ok, I’ll have to trust him on that. Its his list after all’

So here it is…….Ben’s No 1 Christmas film……..


Home Alone

Could it have been anything else?

That’s my favourite!!, All the silly traps!! When they slip. Thats hillarious, I just cant stop laughing. Oh Oh Oh the Tarantula!!

— Ben, Laughing constantly during this description.

So there you have it. Home Alone is the best kids Christmas film. Taken from a large survey of 1 kid. Give it a watch this year, next year and the year after.

Has he missed out on anything? What would you have put in instead? let us know in the comments section