This topic is the cause of many an argument throughout the world. Although not as much as board games on Christmas day. That kind of reckless behaviour can rip a family apart….

So when is the the best time to put up your tree?

Is it:

  • The start of Advent (…like a proper Christian)

  • Once I see the coca cola truck advert

  • The night of the late late toy show (its an institution here in Ireland)

  • The start of December (like day 1, up she goes, no excuses)

  • The 8th of December (Farmers Christmas)

  • Whenever I have the time (‘I’m too busy with Christmas in work to do Christmas at home’)

  • Christmas eve (some people do it……..the freaks)

  • The day after Halloween (….or at least it seems like this with some people)

  • After Thanksgiving (for my American readers)

  • Whenever the ‘nagging to actually doing it’ ratio gets too much for me

  • We’re not having a tree this year. Not after ‘last year’


In my opinion the start of December is plenty time enough. Don’t get me wrong…I think that having a tree in the corner of your sitting is class but if it goes up too early its overkill. Particularly as this year I’ll have a 1 year old pulling lumps out of it.

.....I'd imagine the tree will look like this

…..I’d imagine the tree will look like this

I’m not even going to get into the real versus fake debate. All I’ll say is that the first year in our new house we bought a real tree and it was brown and dying by Xmas. Mama Bear was not impressed. So since then its been a fake tree. (*if your partner insists on a real tree this is an excellent excuse to delay putting it up though   ….just saying)

Look, I’ve expressed my feeling on Christmas decorating in the past and been called….. a Grinch, Ebeneezer and other names that I couldn’t possibly publish on a family blog. However every year come November the peer pressure always starts.

First; its the retailers.. the day after Halloween (and sometimes before it) trying to expand the festive season to make more money. And who’d blame them, its the ‘Hallmark cards’ model of business (don’t get me started on them). Although they create new ‘holidays’ rather than just expanding actual holidays.

Then the ‘festive neighbours’ decorate their houses. And try to entice you to join them…

... or should it be 'lights' side......

… or should it be ‘lights’ side……

Then the ‘conversation’ between you and your partner starts:

‘Look… the neighbours have theirs up!’

‘That’s cos they are….. well, mental’

‘It’s for the kids!’

‘let them get them out of the attic then!’


‘I’ll do it in December’

‘What about this weekend?’

‘Is it December then?’

‘Actually it is…….’


Side note: When I grew up it was a tree, a bit of tinsel and a few crepe paper strings made by the me in school. When did this whole ‘outside lights’, ‘oneupmanship’ of your neighbours start in Ireland? ……Bloody retailers!!

So this weekend, or possibly sooner (depending on nagging) the tree will come down from the attic and the decorations will go up.



I’d imagine the evening will go something like this…

‘What room does this go in?’

‘The kitchen?’

‘They were in the sitting room last year’

‘I know but I preferred them in the kitchen’

*Hangs decoration in the kitchen

‘Actually put them in the sitting room, you’re right they looked better there’

*Mutters something very ‘un-festive’ under breath

‘Will I stick on some Christmas music?’


‘Would you like a glass of wine?’

*looking at the ball of lights

‘Yeah, alcohol and tedious tasks really mix’

‘Oh I love Christmas!’ (to be said by either person with differing levels of enthusiasm/sarcasm)

‘That’s because you didn’t have to get into the attic or untangle these bloody lights’

‘What did you say?’ (from the next room)

‘……mmmmmm, …. Happy Christmas… Honeybun’


At the time of Publishing this blog the above Twitter Poll was 70/30 to normal people versus festive nuts? It may have changed, that’s the joy of a poll.

So have you got your tree up?

Does the above happen in your household?

Am I just a grumpy Ass?

Should I have kept this to myself?

Shall I be know as ‘Grinchy Poppins’ from here on in?


Let me know in the comments…..


Daddy P.

DIY Daddy Blog