December 2016

The Christmas Tag – Daddy Poppins answers questions on Christmas

This week Daddy P answers some Christmas Questions that were put to him on Twitter from @theanxiousmummy.

The topics include:

  • Traditions
  • Favourite Christmas Song
  • Favourite Christmas Food
  • Fake or Real (Tree not boobs)

Death of a family pet

How do you tell your child your pet is dying?

My wife and I have been together for 20 years in September, for 9 of those years we have been graced with the presence of a little lady called BoBo. She was and still is our ‘first child’, (even if she has 4 legs and poos in the back garden).

How do we tell our actual child that the end is nigh?

Looking for a Christmas present for an anxious child?

Daddy P previews the Interactive Worry Plague from the Irish Fairy Door Company. A heads up for those looking for a Christmas present for a worrisome or anxious child. (or just one that loves fairies).

‘First Christmas’: 2nd is the new 1st

Christmas is a time for firsts; Whether it be; your first Christmas as a couple, first as husband and wife, in a new house, with a newborn or first with a child that believes in the magic of Santa Claus.

Daddy Poppins thinks that 2nd is the new 1st. Find out why he thinks that the 1st Christmas your child knows whats going on at Christmas is better than the Photo op that is a newborn over the festivities

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