If you have an anxious or worrisome child then Daddy Poppins may have found a great present for them (and whats more it’s Irish, which I always like).

Santa is bringing one to my little man and I think he’ll love it.

It’s the Interactive Worry Plague from the Irish Fairy Door Company.

(It was recently featured on the Late Late toy show).

How it works:

The plaque glows red when you place your hand on it and think of your worry. When the fairies have heard it, the plaque glows green, signifying your worries have transferred to the fairies successfully.

Did you know fairies use human worries to grant wishes? The energy in worries is ground down to make perfect wish-granting dust!

With it you can… Give your worries to the fairies! Fairy magic can take your children’s worries from them with just one touch, leaving them worry-free. I think this a brilliant idea and is perfect for any anxious child that likes fairies. It retails at €34.95 and I’d expect if you ordered it then it would arrive in a few days (however ours is coming from Santa*)

This excellent company’s mainstay is the fairy door. Which is a great gift too for instilling some magic in your child’s life.

I’m not being paid to plug this I just think its a top notch idea and wish more parents knew about it.

Anyway, until next time

Daddy P.

Oh, and of course I have to drop some fairy jokes: