January 2017

What is the story in Balamory?

Balamory poses more questions than answers in my opinion. I’m just going to blurt them all out here in the hope that between us we can find out what really is happening in Balamory…



Re watching your favourite kids shows

I told Ben that He man was my favourite program when I was his age and he said he’d like to watch it.

To be honest I was a bit reluctant to show it to him.

Santa Claus had previously brought him a copy of Batman the animated series on DVD (to my mind probably the best cartoon series ever made) and he had poo pooed it. It broke me inside. I couldn’t let him do this to my memories of Prince Adam and Cringer (and their alter egos, of course), Mer man, Skeletor, Beast man, Man at arms, Orko……

Or could I……


The gym membership expired and wasn’t renewed. I was grazing on all kinds of foods (and drinks). Since becoming a stay at home dad in September the road back to Dadbod has accelerated. I could feel the waistbands ‘re-tightening‘ and was back to the days of having choose specific pairs of jeans from my wardrobe depending on the activity or event.

“Will I be sitting or standing at this event?”


“Can’t use those jeans then”

Things I’ve learned since becoming a stay at home dad

Here is a tongue in cheek list of advice for all new stay at home dads. You’ll have to read between the lines as to the goings on in this mad house!!


Please note that this advice should be taken with a pinch of salt. Actually scratch that. This advice should be taken with enough salt to induce instant kidney failure. 

Was it better or worse being an 80’s child?

There was a recent tweet that went around asking you to tweet something from your childhood that kids nowadays wouldn’t understand and it got me thinking…..

was it better being a kid in the 80’s or now?

Please Stop talking I’m watching TV

Firstly lets start with a disclaimer*, my wife is great. She’s extremely intelligent. She reads and comprehends text books and concepts in her job that I wouldn’t even start trying to understand and when she sets her mind to something she is extremely attentive and driven.

But, once a TV is on these normal characteristics go out the window (She becomes a plot questioning fidget monster).

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