Firstly, He man is on Netflix.

This is not a test. I repeat this is not a test.

He man is available on UK Netflix. 65 episodes full of childhood nostalgia at your fingertips.

If you read my Christmas tag you’d know I was a big He man fan as a kid. In fact since that blog my mother decided to dig out some old photos of me in my He man gear. I’m adding them below for reference/laughter purposes.

You can tell those where from the days of having to develop a roll of film. The old; point, click, not know if you’d got a good photo until you ‘paid the man in the chemists and collected them 24 hours later’ kinda days. #nofilter #looklikeskeletorinthe1stone #veryseriousforchristmasday #goodchristmasclothes

Anyway I digress, recently Ben (my 6 year old) was playing a ‘how fast can you tap the screen’ type He man game on his tablet. A step up from Virtual Beggar, I suppose.

‘Sorry? better than what?’ I hear you think.

Yes it wasn’t a typo…… ‘Virtual Beggar’

When sourcing this photo I found a link called 'virtual-beggar-cheats-tips-strategy-guide-to-build-your-empire/' aparently you get more coins if you buy a pet.

When sourcing this photo I found a link called ‘virtual-beggar-cheats-tips-strategy-guide-to-build-your-empire/’ apparently you get more coins if you buy a pet.

Anyway, I told the little man that He-man was my favourite program when I was his age and he said he’d like to watch it. To be honest I was a bit reluctant to show it to him. Santa Claus had previously brought him a copy of Batman the animated series on DVD (to my mind probably the best cartoon series ever made, for any age) and he had poo-pooed it. It broke me inside. I couldn’t let him do this to my memories of Prince Adam and Cringer (and their alter egos, of course), Merman, Skeletor, Beastman, Man at arms, Orko…… God, I remember a lot of these guys considering its been around 30 years since I last saw it.

It got me thinking about the other ‘Childhood favourites’ I’d introduced to him. Did he like any of them? Was I trying to push my tastes on him (like some kind of ‘dance mom’ that couldn’t dance herself)?

So I put it out to the good people of Twitter………      (but unfortunately there were no ‘good people’ available, only my twitter friends) …….

(I’m messing don’t get your knickers in a twist people)

There was a huge response….. Mainly of people going…‘Oh Oh Oh remember this one’ or ‘Roadrunner/Wacky Races was my favorite’ or ‘ARGH!! I cant get the theme tune to ‘Round the Twist’ out of my head now!’

One or two expressed their disappointment at how they’d shown their kid their favourite kids program and been gutted when they didn’t like it but in all honesty, it turned into 3 days of Twitter notifications from people linking the intros to their favourite kids shows and others responding with ‘I totally forgot about that!’

If you want a blast of that nostalgia then click away at the video below


Anyway , t the time I knew nothing about He-man being available on Netflix. I thought I’d have to scour Kodi or torrents to find it (If I was going to risk showing it to him at all).

Then it came up on my Facebook feed, HE-MAN IS ON NETFLIX. It became available on the 17th of January… the same day I tweeted about showing your kids your childhood favourites.

‘I’m taking it as a sign…. I’m going to show him’, I thought.

So Saturday morning, with Mama Bear still in bed, I opened up Netflix and we cracked into it and…..

He loves it. 

“There’s a lesson to each one!”, he said after the second episode.

‘Was He-man always this bloody preachy?’ I thought.

“Can we watch another one!!”, he screeched with excitement.

“Of course,” I said, but I was already losing interest in He man’s goodie two shoes act.

So episode 3 starts….

“Come on Skeletor, get yourself together, he’s there for the taking!!”, I say (apparently out loud)

“Daddy, we’re up for He-man!!”, the little man replies.

‘Maybe when I was your age I was but now I’m cheering for the underdog’,  I think.

We ploughed through another 10 episodes over the course of the weekend. Him cheering for He-man. (Me secretly routing for Skeletor) So what have I learned from all of this?

  • Just because you have fond ‘rose-tinted memories’ of something from your childhood doesn’t mean that your adult views will be the same!
  • He-man is very very very preachy
  • If only Skeletor could get the staff/henchmen
  • Merman has gills but spends all his time on land and doesn’t die.
  • Skeletor is a skeleton but has muscles!!

  • If Prince Adam reminds you of someone but you can’t quite put your finger on it then the next picture should help you

  • I’m never going to actually find out the secrets of Castle Greyskull
  • Orko is a bit of a tool…. he’s the Jar Jar Binks or Snarf of He-man
  • If Skeletor could just get his act together he’d be one cool Mofo
  • Oh and finally …. He-man is never the same again after you’ve watched the following video………

Want another blast of 80’s nostalgia? I recently wrote a blog about being a kid in the 80’s. You can find it here

Till next time….

Daddy P.