February 2017

Can you have a relaxing family break?

Today Daddy Poppins poses the question.. can you have a relaxing holiday (or even something resembling an actual ‘holiday’) with your kids in tow.


So we booked a house in Wicklow through Airbnb (our first time ever using them). 4 nights away; me, the Bear, the little man and the little princess.

We arrived around 4pm on Sunday.

“Oh wow. It’s fab!” proclaimed the Bear as we arrived.

I, me, Benny aka Daddy Poppins #allaboutme

Another tag. this time it’s 10 facts about me. 

Fact 1:

I once broke a hoover with my ass

It’s a hell of an opening statement isn’t it.  How could you not read more eh?

Daddy does Desert Island Discs

You know the format, what 8 songs would you bring with you if you were stuck on a desert island? 

You think you’d know what you’d pick till you start trying to pick them. Do I have enough rock? Easy listening. I have to have something dancey! This one has a great memory attached, Oh! but this is a better song. Oh my god how can I leave that out….ARGH!!!

Can I seriously only have 8?

Ok here goes…..

RockingMotherhood Tag.. Yes, you read that right!

No you did not misread that…. Nicola @Mummy_Wales has nominated me… a Daddy.. for the Rocking Motherhood tag!!

Honestly, at first I thought she just tagged me by mistake, a kind of autocorrect type tag issue and one of her best twitter friends with a similar start to their twitter handle (….let’s call them @DanielleBestMotherEver) is sitting somewhere sobbing into her Cornflakes(/Wine).

Then i dawned on me that she’d done it deliberately… did I have the brass neck to give 10 reason why Daddy Poppins was rocking motherhood? …..

Have your cake and eat it too: bakerdays letterbox cake review

Did you know that you can get cake delivered? I mean actually delivered, right through your letterbox. Waiting for you or whoever you’ve ordered it for when they arrive home from work.

Daddy Poppins was contacted by and asked to review a letterbox cake. What would you do if someone offered you free cake? I said yes…. this is what happened the day the cake arrived.

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