Let me set the scene: it’s around 8:40am Monday morning and for once we aren’t in a rush because at 6:30 a certain 1 year old decided that it was time for her and the rest of the house to get up. So, the school lunch is already made, everyone is dressed, the dishwasher emptied, kitchen counters cleaned down, a load of laundry already done (and another on the go) and Daddy Poppins is sitting down sipping on his second cup of coffee while the kids are watching cartoons before the school run. Its relaxed and everything is organised.

“I could get used to being this organised but never get used to 6:30 as a starting point”

— Daddy Poppins thought

It’s the first bit of ‘thinking time’ Daddy Poppins has had in awhile so he’s running through some blog ideas in his head and suddenly he remembers agreeing to review a ‘letterbox cake’. That should hopefully arrive sometime this week.

It’s going to be my 1st real review.

I’ve been concentrating on building up my site and online presence (like my twitter account *wink *wink) since I began the blog in September last year. I hadn’t actively pursued any reviews, or sponsored posts etc.  but when you get a tweet like the following there’s only one way to reply and as you can see that’s exactly what I did.

Free cake!! Oh, I’m in!!


Anyway, as a first review, I felt it was something I could to get my teeth into.

BA DUM TISS!! (Never pass up the opportunity to belt out a Dad joke)

BA DUM TISS!! (Never pass up the opportunity to belt out a Dad joke)

Just then the dog barked and jumped on the armchair in the bay window of the sitting room. It was the Postman. Did i just foresee the future? Does he have a cake for me?

The letterbox made its usual opening and closing sound but no loud ‘cake-like thud’ followed. Just the horrible sound of bills hitting the mat below.

“Awh, no cake today”

— Daddy Poppins as he strolled out to collect the bills from the mat

‘Why is the dog still barking?‘, I thought to myself as I approached the door, so I looked out through the little window. There, 2 feet from the front door stood the Postman. He was scratching his head and looking……mmmm, I’m going to say……… ‘Befuddled!’

That is when I decided to further assess the scene and looked downward from his confused expression to see what appeared to be ‘a postable cake shaped box’ in his hands!!

So I opened the door and asked: “Is that for me?”

“I’m not sure”, he said “it’s for a ‘Daddy Poppins?'”

“Hahaha yeah that’s my …..mmmmm…. other name”

His ‘Befuddlement level’ escalated from orange to red as I took the box and quickly closed the door.

Let me first quantify the next statement by saying that while I was delighted to have foreseen the arrival of the cake (like a young Nostradamus) I was also a little disappointed that I was in when he called.

Why? you ask. Well, for 2 reasons…

  1. I didn’t arrive home from being out to a ‘cake surprise’ sitting on the mat inside the front door and more importantly
  2. I didn’t get to test the ‘what happens if it gets dumped through the letterbox and lands upside down’ scenario.

I know, I know….. I could have just thrown the box around a bit or gone outside and shoved it through the letterbox upside down to try recreate the scenario (but the postman would probably have imploded with the sheer weight of ‘befuddlement’ had I done so. After all he was still sitting in his van staring into space at this point)

So anyway it’s now time to do the school run and all I can think about is cake.

Did I express my love for cake to you yet? I think the above picture encapsulates it better than I ever could

Did I express my love for cake to you yet? I think the above picture encapsulates it better than I ever could

It reminded me of a recent biscuit dilemma……

And after loads of helpful advice, how did that one work out

But this time I had made a grave mistake, Ben (my 6 year old resident telltale) knew the cake had been delivered. There was no ‘eating all the evidence’ option. The review will have to wait till everyone is home at dinner time. How was I going to survive the day without eating the cake!!.

Unless we just ate it together - me and Ben

Unless we just ate it together – me and the little man

Not only that but the reason for this review was to test ‘letterbox cakes’ from bakerdays as an option for Valentine’s Day (Lads, a word of warning, It’ll be here before you know it). So when ordering the cake I’d been all romantic and personalised it for ‘the Bear’ (that’s what I call my wife, in case you’re new around here). I’d gone with a Cake design called ‘Bear Love‘, How could I pass that name over eh? and then added in our names (and upgraded it to chocolate, of course)

I'm some smoothy amn't I I’m some smoothy amn’t I

So I managed to get through the day (*without succumbing to temptation), the Bear got home from work, exhausted. I had a lovely creamy paprika chicken dinner ready and we all got stuck in. The compliments were flying and I hadn’t even whipped out the cake yet. Cha Ching.. Result

“That was absolutely lovely,” the Bear said, as she finished the last of the meal, “I wish we had something sweet for afters though”. Like most women she has an inbuilt cake radar, I’m sure of it. (Well either that or my little 6-year-old telltale had already struck)

‘Voila’, thought Daddy Poppins as he produced the cake with a big beaming head on him like the cat who got the cream (even if he now had to share it).

The Bear loved it; the idea, the quality of the packaging, the fact that it could be delivered whether you were in or not, the lovely personalised design (chosen by yours truly). I explained that they do loads of stuff, not just smaller letterbox sized cakes. You can order cakes up to 12 inches in size or even get a photo put on them. You design it and they’ll deliver it (it says on their site that if you order before 2 pm they’ll deliver you the cake the next day). Having properly checked out the tin it came in I’m sure it would have been fine left upside down on the inside mat all day too (it even had tiny air holes to allow the cake to breathe, they’d thought of everything).

So how did it taste?

Let’s get to the crux of the matter here… we all loved it. It lasted all of 5 minutes!!

It may have been a romantic Valentines cake but as anyone with kids can attest to that doesn’t mean that we were going to get much of it. The mini cake monsters swooped in for the kill. So I decided to take out my phone and grab a few photos to show you how it went down (you know what they say.. a picture paints a thousand words)


So why not do something different this Valentines and order a personalised cake for your loved one. I mean flowers are so ooverdone Plus you can’t eat flowers!! (unless that’s your ‘secret shame’ like Homer Simpson)


Before I go iIjust need to hit you with a disclaimer. I wasn’t paid for this. This isn’t an advert. I advised www.bakerdays.com from the outset that I would provide an honest review of their service and product (if they provided me with a free cake to review). I saw it as an opportunity to have something to write about, put a smile on my kids and wife’s face and play around with some video software for the first time (I did alright for a video virgin didn’t I).

If you are a brand looking for a humorous dad blogger to do an honest review on your stuff, drop me an email to daddypoppinsireland@gmail.com or @daddypoppinsblg on twitter

Till next time

Daddy Poppins