10 Reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood

No you did not misread that…. Nicola @Mummy_Wales has nominated me… a Daddy.. for the Rocking Motherhood tag!!

Honestly, at first , thought she just tagged me by mistake, a kind of autocorrect type tag issue and one of her best twitter friends with a similar start to their twitter handle (….let’s call them @DanielleBestMotherEver) is sitting somewhere sobbing into her Cornflakes(/Wine).

So after questioning whether she really meant me I clicked on the link and this is what Nicola had to say:

I’m tagging Heledd at Yummy Blogger and Abi at Something About Baby to write about how they’re rocking motherhood and also, controversially, a daddy. It’s probably not allowed, but I don’t want to exclude the daddies as I reckon they’re rocking fatherhood too. I would suggest they #RockFatherhood but I fear they may then find themselves cast adrift on a hashtag dinghy, floating around Twitter with no one aware of their existence. So Ben (Daddy Poppins), if you want to be an honorary #RockingMotherhood, I hereby grant you permission.

You can find her whole #rockingmotherhood post here

Can I really do this? Do I have a big enough brass neck to be #rockingmotherhood as a guy?

So here goes, here’s 10 reasons I’m #RockingMotherhood

·         I gave up work to be with my children. I don’t think there’s anything more #rockingmotherhood than that (especially in today’s society where some people still can’t get to grips with it being a decision rather than a situation). It can be hard and I don’t want to try and sound like Mr. Perfect because there’s plenty of times I say to my wife. ‘You take them I have to walk away before I explode’ but I think we all do that at times (I’d suggest your either not human or not involved enough in your kids’ life if you never felt like this).

·         I’m the night-time guy. I hate getting up during the night but I’m generally able to sleep at the drop of a hat so as soon as I get back into bed…. *Click* I’m gone, straight back to sleep (Like an over eager drunk volunteer at a hypnotist)

·         I’m also the morning person. Well, I’m better at mornings that the other adult in the house (Let’s put it that way). I generally get by on less sleep and am (relatively) happy to apply this ‘skill’ to helping out with the kids. I do drink quite a bit of coffee though, this may have something to do with my morning functionality.

·         I love tickle fights and being silly. I’m not afraid to get down on the floor and have some fun. Silly noises are my speciality. My little one loves to make fart sounds (a really important skill) and I always make an over the top shocked sound back at her when she raspberries. This sends her into hysterics. Then once she has calmed down she’ll make another fart sound and the cycle will continue until she’s laughed so hard she gives herself the hiccups. (That’s good parenting right there lol)

·         I have an ability to sit through the same program 30 plus times and feign interest.  Balamory is putting this skill to the test though

·         I can make anything into a song.  My kids generally love this. My wife generally hates this. I can see it being mentioned in the divorce proceedings.

·         I’m able to put a child to bed and walk away guilt free. I don’t feel the need to nurse them or get sucked into anything. I call it the ‘Daddy: Drop and Run technique’. I can be very very black and white and precise at bedtime. That’s also why I’m the night guy.

·         I’m the dad taxi: school runs, birthday parties, shops, activities etc. You name it. I drive them there. I like to drive. It’s not a problem. (Now the trying to get them out the door in time with everything you need is a different problem).

·         I cook the sh*t outta it. It’s one of the things I love about being a #sahd and fulfilling a traditional ‘mother role’ – cooking. I love it. Getting something together and it works, nothing better. I recently made a dish I thought up that I called ‘creamy paprika chicken’ and it was decimated by the family. I was delighted.  I’m also a big curry or roast fan. (I find peeling veg pretty enjoyable. Shhhhh!! don’t tell my wife)

Daddy P’s Creamy Paprika Chicken recipe (in case you’re interested)


3 large breasts of chicken

½ a red and ½ a green pepper

1 packet of sugar snap peas

1 large onion

½ a Chicken stock cube

Greek yogurt (around 125 grams’ size, I use the small individually packed Aldi ones)

Paprika (2-3 table spoons)

Ground garlic (1 table spoon)

Some coconut oil (although you can use any oil you want, I’m just on a ‘coconut oil buzz’)

Flour (2-3 table spoons)


Chop and fry the onion in coconut oil meanwhile chop the peppers, sugar snap peas and chicken.

Add the chicken to the Pan, fry for a minute.

Add the paprika and garlic powder. I use about 2 table spoons or more of paprika at this stage and 1 tablespoon of garlic

Add the peppers and sugar snap peas (its best to have totally removed the hard end bits of the peas)

Fry for a few minutes.

Add the stock to around 500ml of water, stir and add to the pan.

Bring pan to the boil, then turn down and allow to simmer

Boil some rice to accompany the dish around now.

Once the rice is 2-3 minutes from being done add the Greek yogurt and 2 table spoons of flour to thicken the mixture

I tend to add about another tablespoon of paprika at this stage. (this gives it a nice ‘orangey-pinky’ tinge)

Once the rice is ready your mixture should be too.

You should now have a creamy thick flavoursome mixture and rice.


Anyway… Back to why I’m #rockingmotherhood

·         I let my kids be themselves. My little man loves pink and fairies. My attitude is ‘So what? that’s his decision!’. I often get asked, well actually, my wife often gets asked ‘what does your husband think about that?’ I think it’s his life let him be happy. Look, I’d love to have shared interests in sports but I’m not going to force my interests on someone else. Of course, I’m concerned that he’ll be picked on or singled out in society for being different but I’d prefer him to do what he wants and take that risk rather than stifle his interests from the outset. l do my best to enjoy and participate in all his interests. I never thought I’d go to a theatre school show with my son but when you see how happy he is up there on the stage it’s all worthwhile.

So they’re my 10 reasons for #RockingMotherhood or #RockingParenthood or #RockingFatherhood or whatever you want to call it. And now it is my turn to pick out some others to do the same.

Oh it’s like the #IceBucketChallenge all over again….mmmmm

I nominate @Lycrawidow @MrsA1974 @sprinkleofpixie and finally, A lady who needs a kick to get over the line into blogging and should just bite the bullet and do it…… @TashLula


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