I was nominated to do the Desert Island Discs Tag by Richard @themabozza

You know the format, what 8 songs would you bring with you if you were stuck on a desert island?

You think you’d know what you’d pick till you start trying to pick them. Do I have enough rock? Easy listening. I have to have something dancey! This one has a great memory attached, Oh! but this is a better song. Oh my god how can I leave that out….ARGH!!!

Can I seriously only have 8?

Ok here goes…..

Mamas and Papas – California dreaming

I loved the California vibe growing up (heavily influenced by my brother, I may add)  In fact I had a whole 60’s and 70’s phase at around 9 or 10 years of age. When a lot of my friends were listening to chart music I was listening to the Beach boys and the Kinks. Some of this era is pure cheese; Little old lady from Pasadena and songs like; the Israelites and Leader of the pack spring to mind.  But ladies and gents….there’s nothing wrong with a bitta cheese. So I’ve gone with a classic and a real ‘sing along to’ track so I can work those lungs alone on my desert island with no one to tell me to shut up.

New Order – Blue Monday

The best selling 12 ” of all time and for good reason. I must admit when picking my desert island discs this sprang straight to mind straight away but later in the selection process I considered swapping it with Donna Summer – I feel love, (to fill my ‘timeless dance track quota’). I had an eclectic musical taste growing up and this track represents dance music at its finest. Just listening to it reminds me 3 separate times in my life, (Limerick, Holland and when I first arrived in Waterford).


Daft Punk – Rolling and scratching

As far as dance must goes it’s a peach. Raw. Full of energy. Back when Daft Punk were a dance act. (Not a corporate logo for Pharrell and the like to collaborate with). Their Alive 97′ album that it features in is one of the best live mixes of all time. I still listen to it in the gym. (I know its originally on Homework)


Bob Marley – Redemption song

I was about 14 when I discovered Bob Marley. The Legend album had just came out and he introduced me to reggae. I was doing the Junior certificate at the time. Again it was a toss up between several Bob tracks (namely: Buffalo Soldier and No Woman No Cry) but the intro to Redemption Song does it for me.


AC/DC – Thunderstruck

What a killer song. When it broke in the charts I was an Iron Maiden fan. The ‘Oasis or Blur’ of my time. I didn’t really get AC/DC  then I heard this and it rocked my socks off. It’s the intro and riff throughout. Does it for me every time. (Narrowly pipping Black Betty in fulfilling my ‘rocking out classic guitar quota). This was my go-to song when driving home from work on a Friday when I worked as an auctioneer.


Rage against the machine -Killing in the name of

I still contend that this is one of the best debut albums of all time. The bass lines are unreal. Tom Morello does unconventional stuff on guitars that other lead guitarists could only dream of. Zack De la Rocha’s lyrics are political and on point. They make even more sense now than they did at the time. This particular track came out when I was a teenager and when you’re full of hormones and ‘angsty’ there’s nothing better than screaming ‘F**k you I won’t do what you tell me!’ At the top of your lungs. (I listen to this album in full on a regular basis).


Massive Attack – Teardrop

I had to calm it down a bit. It’s the heartbeat style drum beat that gets me here. Cracker of a track (yer man Newton Faulkner does a great cover of it on an acoustic guitar). I had just gone to college when this came out. I remember buying the album in HMV on the corner of Cruises streetin Limerick in the summer after 1st year. That would make it ….98? Either way. Great band. Great album. The video is class too. I listened to it constantly that summer while working in the Old Quarter Pub and living in Coolraine Heights. Good times.


Joe Cocker – you are so beautiful  

I used to sing this to my wife in a funny voice. She is so beautiful to me.  We even used it for our first dance. It always makes me smile. I left it till last just to tease her though.

I just listened to it again there now, his voice is amazing. Such character. You’d believe every word. RIP Joe.

That’s my 8, I could review them again and change them again and I’m sure I’ll see something in someone else’s 8 and go… I should’a picked that. (For example, right now I’m thinking can I squeeze the House of the rising sun or House of Pain’s Jump around in the here somewhere).

However, I’m going to be cheeky out and introduce a super sub:-

Sultans of Ping FC- where’s me jumper

3 minutes of Irish punk madness. When was the last time you heard that eh?… bang it on there. “My Brother knows Karl Marx, he met him eating mushrooms in the people’s park…..”


I’ll get back to a normal blog asap. iIpromise. I just got sucked into this. hope you listen to one or 2 and have a boogie.

Till next time

Daddy P