March 2017

More Modern Day Nursery Rhymes


Hickory Dickory Dock

600 quid for an Apple watch

Its like a small phone

Like you already own!

Hickory Dickory Dock

Modern Day Nursery Rhymes


Grumpy Dumpty sat on his hole

Grumpy Dumpty spent his life on the dole

He had no job because of the claim

He had no work, his brother to blame

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Were worried about being sued again

Interview with a 7 year old

It’s the day of my little mans 7th Birthday. So I’ve decided to ask him some questions. I intend to do this every birthday from here on to document the changes in his life. So without further adeiu …let’s get stuck in.

Baby Harness or Dog Leash?

My wife (the Bear), handed me what can only be described as a pink dog leash the other day that she’d found while cleaning out somewhere around the house. (Now we have pink dog leashes in the house so I was puzzled as to why I was handed it as we weren’t going out or anything at the time).

“Would you use that?”, she said inquisitively

‘Huh? it’s a dog leash, that I’ve used before’, I thought, ‘Why would she be asking me this?’

So, I took a second look at it….

This wasn’t the dog leash, it’s some kind of harness.

There before me was a baby harness!!

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