My little man.

It’s the day of my little mans 7th Birthday. So I’ve decided to ask him some questions. I intend to do this every birthday from here on to document the changes in his life. So without further adeiu …let’s get stuck in.


What do you want to be when you grow up : I want to write books

 (this is a new one. You name it he’s wanted to be it. It was a youtuber  the last time I asked)



What is your favourite thing to do: Jump on a trampoline!!


What did you get for your birthday: I got a lava lamp and I’m getting a trampoline!!

is there such a thing as 'lamp envy'? is there such a thing as ‘lamp envy’?

What is your favourite food: sushi (do you have to ask)


What’s the best thing about being 7: you get a birthday party.

Anything else: I’m only 7 since I got up this morning I don’t know anything else yet.


Who’s your best friend: Sam


What’s your favourite TV program: Rusty Rivets

 (again, this changes weekly)


If you could have a Superpower what would it be and why: Invisibility!!  ….so I could sneak up on people

 (most people have to have a good think about this. He was straight in there)


If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for: never die, eyes could never turn square and tablet would never run out of battery

(It’s worth pointing out that we tell him his eyes will go square if he stays on the tablet to long)


Best thing about Mammy: She’s loving and caring


Worst thing about Mammy: She threatens me with a countdown

(….Mammy gives him till 3 to do things. He’s never made it to 3, although there’s been a few close callls) 

Best thing about Daddy: We have play fights

(Mammy is caring and all I get is ‘play fights’, typical)

Worst thing about Daddy: …..his prickly kisses

(He’s not a fan of stubble)


Name one thing that scares you: mmm, I’m not scared of booze!!

Daddy: Booze!!??

No ‘Boos’, … but I’m scared of heights

(It doesn’t stop him climbing everything though) 


If you had to give up one of the following would you give up; TV chocolate or friends: TV


Worst person in the world: I don’t want to answer that. Ok….Daddy. Now an you stop asking me questions

(I expected him to say Donald Trump here. Does this make me worse than Mr Trump?)


Most disgusting thing you can think of: Pie with shoes rotten eggs and snot in it.


If you could be anyone in the world who would you be: Molly, because she gets chocolate milk before bed and has a trampoline already

 (fair enough)


Hardest thing about being a kid: trying not to climb up on things


What do you think heaven looks like: it’s like a copy of our world but more colourful and shiny.


No more questions !!!!


OK before you go then. Tell me a joke: 

Why are leopards bad at hide and seek?

…….because they’re always spotted.


So there ya go…. chip off the old block.