Hi All,

We were asked to go on the Rathwood Easter Train and let you fine people know what we thought (* We were provided with free tickets for review purposes). It is egg-sactly the kind of thing we had planned for the midterm and so didn’t take me long to say yes, especially as it combines 3 of my favourite things; family fun days, chocolate and really really bad Easter puns. I was egg-static to be going, especially as I didn’t have to shell out for the tickets.

So, we hatched a plan to go on the first Monday of the midterm and we got up that morning all egg-cited. I’m not yolking! We hopped in the car off we went, haring down the motorway. It’s only just over an hour from our home in Kilmeaden, County Waterford to Rathwood, on the Wicklow/Carlow border. We were meeting cousins there, they travelled from just outside Wexford town and it took them egg-sactly an hour to arrive. (I suspect you could get them from anywhere in Leinster and most of the midlands in about an hour).

So how did it go? well it didn’t start well, 1/2 way down the motorway I realised that once again I had forgotten the child’s buggy.


Here is the Deal, I could write and write and write about all the egg-cellent parts of the day but I think you’d enjoy it more if I showed you via an easy to shallow video. Check it out it’s pretty egg-stravagant and Choc-full of puns!!

What does it cost?

The Easter train costs €10 per child and €6 per adult and I think its great value. We had a smashing day all round (granted we had great weather). For that €10 the kids got free hot chocolate after the train and let’s not forget the ‘honorary bunny ears’.

Does if get the Daddy Poppins seal of approval?

Rathwood gets 2 big thumbs up from Daddy Poppins. I’d go back again tomorrow. It’s great fun. The kids loved it. Even besides the train , here is loads to do. You could go for a walk round the woods, check out the maze, shop in the many shops or even pop next door, where they have a chocolate factory and you can make you own chocolate!! (We’ll save this for the next day, as we were all chocolated out)

Not only were the facilities top notch but the staff were excellent as well, really helpful and friendly (a big shout out to the girl who played Mario. She really got things going with her enthusiastic attitude and interaction with the kids)

Overall it was great, we had a fantastic time, all the kids were egg-hausted on the trip home. The biggest compliment I can pay Rathwood is to say.. We’ll be back (I suspect quite frequently now that we’ve broken our duck)