“Ruff Ruff Ruff!!”, goes Shoop (our little Jack Russell)

‘What the hell is going on?’, I think. I’ve just woken up on the couch and there’s someone at the window. The dog is going mental. Serves me right for having a quick snooze after our family day out.

I think I deserve a belly rub!!

The little lady is upstairs having a bath with Mamma Bear and the little man is in the next door neighbours playing video games, so it is up to me to pull myself together, get up and find out what is going on.

So I open the front door and it’s a courier (it is around 7 pm). He hands me a box that feels like there’s nothing in it and asks me to sign here. I check the name and sign away.

I toss the box to the side and get back onto the couch in the hope I’ll get a few more minutes kip but no, down come the ladies from upstairs wanting to know who was at the door.

I get the little lady dressed and we open the box ….Its some in the Night Garden bed toys from Golden Bear Toys Text

I was recently asked to review these toys and because my little lady has taken a sudden interest in the program I said yes straight away.

(*Disclaimer, I was given these toys free for the purpose of the review)

So what is cool about these toys?  Let’s start with the Boo’s favourite… Igglepiggle In the Night Garden Baby Soft Toy or ‘PIG’ or ‘PIGGLE’ as she calls him.

  • Its body is really soft, Bella loves snuggling it
  • It has crinkly material in the hands and feet and its hair is a different harder feeling material
  • There’s also a gentle rattle to encourage multi-sensory play
  • Its recommended retail price is £9.99, that’s €11.72 if you’re outside the UK like myself. So really reasonable in price
  • I’m reliably informed that you can also get Upsy Daisy or Makka Pakka.

We got Iggle Piggle and he’s really well put together (plus he’s the Boo’s favourite)

She took it to bed last night and had a very settled night, now I’m not saying it made my nocturnal child sleep but I’m crossing my fingers and hoping it stays this way (it won’t).

Igglepiggle was still in the cot with her this morning, this a very good sign, most other items had been dumped over the side in the morning ritual I call ‘Get up daddy I’m making loads of noise!’


Next up for review was Upsy Daisy In the Night Garden Baby Hanging Chime Toy

Heres what Daddy Poppins thinks:

  • This was also super-soft and beautifully embroidered and would be perfect for new babies.
  • It has an inbuilt chime that gently jingles just like the sound on the TV show (in fact Iggle Piggle a rattle sounds like a noise from the program too, now that I think of it)
  • It has a Velcro strap to allow you to hang it to on the side of a cot, car seat or even buggy when you are out and about.
  • Priced at only £6.99 (that’s €8.19 in my money) it is even more reasonably priced than the baby soft toy series.

I’d left this attached to the side of the cot using the Velcro strap last night. It was in the cot this morning, it had been taken down and played with. A result I would say.

So if you need something small and cuddly as a present for a niece or nephew or even a child of your own then you wouldn’t go wrong picking up either of these or any of the other products from the #intheNightGardenBaby range. (There is one there with a cuddle blanket that looks deadly).

These get a big thumbs up from Daddy P.

She still loved playing with them today while watching the program (even if she’s more interested in her Rusk in this picture).