Detectives in the Enchanted Forest area of Far Far Away are asking for the public’s help in identifying and apprehending a suspect in a recent breaking-and-entering incident.

This suspect entered an address on the edge of the Enchanted Forest between the hours of 12:00 and 12:45, when the occupants, Mr and Mrs Bear and their child (known only as ‘Baby’) were out for a family walk. A source close to the family advised they’d only popped out long enough for their porridge to cool.

Upon returning home from their leisurely stroll they found their home had been entered and several items were broken. They disturbed the suspect as they slept in an upstairs bedroom but were unable to apprehend her. She was last seen running towards the Enchanted Forest and is wanted in connection with charges in relation to; breaking and entering, criminal damage and theft. The suspect is described as a small Caucasian girl around 4’0 in height with golden curly hair.

The occupants of the house are said to be shaken and have asked for privacy during this time. The feeling in the area is one of shock and horror.

“I never expected this kinda thing to happen this neck of the woods ”

— said Mrs R.Hood, 17 who’d been visiting her granny, who lived in the vicinity.

“I’m shell shocked!, It’s just not like that around here”

— added Mr Dumpty, a local wall builder aged 35

Police have asked for people to be vigilant and to want to remind the general public that items of value should not be left unattended or unsecured at any location, including your home.

If you’ve seen this suspect call or text crime stoppers at 1800-SNITCHYPANTS 

You can earn a cash reward and your tip remains anonymous.

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