Police are investigating a local pet shop after second ‘weasel popping incident’ in recent times.

The latest incident occurred in Doolittles pet shop, a family run business that situated on the Main Street in the sleepy village of Portlaw in Co. Waterford at around 3 pm on Friday the 21st of April.

When questioned as to why his weasels keep popping Mr. Doolittle said How the hell would I know? I’m not a Doctor and It’s not like I can ask the animals”. “But it doesn’t seem to matter to those lot” he added, motioning to the small group of protestors that had congregated outside the shop, “If this carries on I may have to close my doors”.

Mrs Innocenta Bystander, 76 who was  her weekly trip to the supermarket during both ‘weasel incidents’ explained,

“I’d been in Spar next door picking up my messages; 1/2 a pound of tuppenny rice and 1/2 a pound of treacle, I was just saying to Larry how quickly your money goes then….. POP!!”

“You could hear it through the walls!, it was only afterwards that I discovered it was a weasel!”

“You couldn’t make it up” she quipped.

If you have any information on either incident or any other occurrences of explosive animals in the surrounding area then please contact the Portlaw Police on (051)  312345.