I really hope you join in and enjoy reading it. If it makes a difference to even how one person feels about them self then I will be very proud of the outcome.


  1. Thank the person who tagged you by telling them something you like about them, something that will build their confidence and linking to their page.
  2. Add 5 things you dislike about yourself but then end it with positivity
  3. Tag another blogger who inspires you, explain why.
  4. Thank the creator of the tag (mummy of 5 miracles) and link to her page.
  5. Tag 10 people who you think are amazing don’t forget to tell them why!

My answers

  • I would like to thank Cheryl from Mummy of 5 miracles for creating this tag. Firstly, she is great, I love her honest reviews and the way she doesn’t take life seriously (bar how seriously she takes being the best mother she can be). It’s clear from her blog and the way she is that her family mean the world to her and I’m sure the feeling is reciprocated. I’ve no doubt she’s a wonderful mam and if you haven’t read her posh chicken recipe then do so, (it’s not your normal recipe). Secondly, I think she’s come up with a really great idea with this tag and the fact that she thought of it as a way to instil confidence in others through praise and honesty (about what she perceives to be her own flaws) shows what a kind-hearted person she is.. We’ve chatted on twitter (you can catch her here) and always had good fun and #bantz (as the kids say) but I never knew she enjoyed my blog. I honestly thought we’d just ended up in the same ‘twitter tribe’ and that was it. If this tag hadn’t been created I’d never have known that she loved my blog. It really made my day.

She said:

Daddy Poppins No word of a lie, this man literally has my favourite blog to read. His writing skills are beyond anything I could ever achieve, he has this amazing knack for making you giggle outwardly when you read his posts. I love the fairytale breaking news posts he has been writing and I have been sharing them with my older kids who also find them hilarious.

If reading something like that doesn’t give you confidence then what would? Remember I said it made my day? Yeah? Well, just copying and pasting it there now and rereading it made my day again.

So now it’s my turn, as per the rules above, I’ve to spill the beans on things I dislike about myself (and as I write this sentence I’ve no idea what’s going to come out), and then I’m going to nominate some other bloggers I admire.


  •  5 things I dislike about myself that I am going to turn positive :

1. I don’t like the fact that I am currently round, rotund, pudgy, whatever you want to call it the correct term is ….fat. I’ve put on a few stone since becoming a stay at home dad and wish it was gone. The flipside is I know I can get rid of it and will and I’ll feel great about myself again. I also know that my family love me round or not (well, most of the time anyway)

2. I don’t like that I lack patience, Yes, I shout at my kids. My neighbour referred to me as ‘Angry Poppins’ the other day. The positive I’m taking from this is because I recognise this I am working on it. I’m trying to be calmer and more positive in all my interactions.

3. I hate the fact that I am not as driven as I could be, I tend to procrastinate over things and rush through them in a kind of ‘let’s just do this to a passable standard’ way: The positive that I’m taking here is that once again I’m working on this and doing everything I can to resolve the issue (for example about 3 months ago it would have taken me a lot longer to get round to this tag, in fact, I may not have gotten round to it at all).  

4. I hate that I don’t really take as much pride in my personal appearance as I should. I’ll go out the door in whatever is clean. Ok, hands up, sometimes it isn’t overly clean either. Matching clothes? Who cares. This was reinforced today when I created a post for a Dad Blogger competition with a leading clothes company. Its put the gun to my head to look after myself as well as fulfilling my role as a stay at home dad. After all I have to be a good role model for my kids

5. I don’t like that I don’t show my family that I love them as much as I should. I’m blessed with a wonderful wife and kids and I really should go out of my way to let them know but in typical ‘man fashion’, I tend to bottle up my emotions until it’s too late. I’m going to start changing this right now by saying “I love you Bear, and the little mam and the Boo. You make my life complete and I’m so proud of you all”.


Inspirational blogger:

I would like to tag Nige of DIYDaddy fame as my inspirational blogger. Nige invited me to be in his ‘Brilliant Dad feature’  and has been really supportive and helpful in every interaction I’ve had with him. He writes openly and honestly about some pretty tricky situations and I get the impression he just pours his opinion out onto the page, no contrived ‘what will get me hits’ kinda crap. I love reading his posts and am genuinely interested in his slant on things (besides DIY lol). He’s just been nominated for the top blogger award at Blogosphere awards (the only Dad Blogger on the shortlist) Give him a vote if you have a few seconds to spare. (Click on the  link below)


I regularly see others online getting the exact same help and attention from Nige that he showed me at the start (and still does to this day). He’s a big blogger that’s there for the little guys, that’s why he’s my inspirational blogger

The 10 bloggers I would like to tag in the MOFM: CONFIDENCE IS KEY TAG are

BlogofDad This guy, who calls himself James* for anonymity makes me laugh on a daily basis. He’s like a humorous Banksy, I don’t know who he is but I love his work. We regularly top each other’s @Doyouevnlist lists on twitter because we have the same childish sense of humour. His interview with a climber post and delectable delicacies found on my floor posts are sublime. I think he’s a top bloke and I reckon you should all follow him.  

Our Rach Blogs Rach tells it as it is. She’s brilliant. Shoots from the hip in a no-nonsense funny way. What’s not to love. Keep it up. Her posts always tickle me and I love her honesty and humour. I also love that she isn’t afraid to take difficult topics and people on head-on. If you haven’t read any of her stuff then A. you should and B. you should start here.

Whinge Whinge Wine is another blog I love to read. Fran is really funny. She experiences the same parenting pitfalls as us all and isn’t afraid to tell the world about it. Her site says she’s ‘surviving two small sleep thieves, one glass at a time’ and if that isn’t the perfect description of parenthood then I don’t know what is. I often read her blog and think, why didn’t I think of that? She sees everyday things and makes them so perfectly funny. I always get a good belly laugh from her blog and if you need to find out why check out I hate Peppa Pig

The Honest Father I think Mark is deadly but I didn’t know whether he should go on this list. Sounds a bit of a strange statement considering he’s actually on the list, doesn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not doubting his blogging ability (in fact when I started he was someone I really looked up to as he started around the same time as me and seemed to have it sussed from day one). It’s just technically these days he’s more of a vlogger than a blogger and he does it with aplomb! I’ll be very honest here, I never thought I’d sit through a vlog. There, I’ve said it. The whole concept of someone showing you their day to day life just doesn’t sit with me as entertainment. There I’ve said that too!! You know what I mean, I don’t want to spend 10 minutes of my life watching someone sort out a wardrobe or show me what they bought in Primark. But with the honest father vlog I click and watch and enjoy it. He’s got a great sense of comic timing and natural charisma on camera (and his finished product is always slick and professional too). I don’t look up to him for his blogging style anymore …..I admire his vlogging instead (even if his future father in law Dave and his dog steals his limelight). Check out the episode where he gets roasted

DadvWorld If I’m going to include one vlogger then I’ll get away with two. So here you have it. DadvWorld, half the Blended Parent Network ‘Powerhouse of Parenting Inclusivity’, (bet ya loved that David, didn’t ya?). It’s true though (plus it gives me a chance to do a joke about being ‘miss sold P.P.I.’ if I so wish later in this piece). Anyway back to David and his DadvWorld vehicle, he’s churning out daily vlogs (you can catch them here), again all top end quality production. Fair play man. Your stuff is top notch and you should be proud of what you do. Although if ya had a ‘softy southern accent’ I don’t know if I’d be as sucked in. You could probably read the phone book in that dialect and I’d end up watching. 😉 Either way David’s a top bloke, friendly, approachable and another guy who helped me out at the start. Check him out if you don’t already

I don’t usually write anything this long and I’m sure you’ve all lost interest at this stage so I’m going to call it quits at 5 good strong shout outs. 6 if you include my inspirational blogger. So I’m going to finish off by reiterating what Cheryl from Mummy of 5 Miracles said at the end of her tag post:

Thank you for reading and I genuinely can’t wait to see people spread a little confidence to others and hopefully it will do good and raise a few smiles and make you all see that not everything is negative and things can be positive. You have every right to be confident, these posts should hopefully make you see things that maybe you don’t see yourself