I recently wrote a post about how I had turned into my mother and received a great response from it. Apparently we’ve all turned into our parents at some stage in the past (if you haven’t don’t worry, or actually do worry, there’s still time).

Most of us seem to have come to the same conclusion over a phrase that we heard in the past being uttered by ourselves, so I put it out there to the parent blogger community and this is what they had to say….

Daddy Poppins asks…… ‘When did you know you had turned into your mother/father?’

Well, Emma Louise from even angels fall fell at the exact same hurdle as myself, when she used the ‘there’s starving children in Africa’ classic, but she really knew her time was up when she said “If the wind changes you’ll stay like that” to prevent her daughter from pulling faces.

Erica over at the incidental parent knew her time was up when she said, “There will be tears before bedtime”

Natasha over at MUMMYANDMOOSE knew ‘the circle was complete’ when she bellowed, “I hope one day you have a daughter JUST. LIKE. YOU”

Louise from with love from lou told me “I realised I’d turned into my mum when the kids were lounging around in their winter coats and I told them if they didn’t take them off while inside they ‘wouldn’t feel the benefit’ when they went back outside” (That’s classic ‘Mum’ right there – Daddy P).

Catherine of Battlemum fame said ” Haha there are sooo many! Two spring to mind that I find myself saying over and over. From my dad it’s “mind your fingers” every time BattleKid puts his hand near a door, drawer or such things he can catch his fingers in. From my mum it’s “God gave you legs for a reason, use them!” Yes, there’s no denying it or avoiding it, we all eventually turn into our parents in some way”

Kelly over at school run shop said I too have used those poor African children to shame my oldest into eating more dinner. But the day I realised I am my mother was the day I uttered the immortal words, “we’ll see” in response to a request from my son, knowing full well what I really meant was “no”.

“Last week I couldn’t get the big kid to listen to me and ‘when I was younger and my mother told me to jump I would say how high’ fell out of my mouth. Dying. I am my mother !”, was Kellie from My Little Babog’s response.

Another Kelly, OK this time spelt differently, from lets go somewhere nice used a classic that my Dad used to use “it’s lit up like Blackpool illuminations in here” when giving out about all the lights being on and although it was said ironically the first few times its come out as a ‘normal phrase’ in recent times. (The descent has begun – Daddy P)

Anna from a not at all serious blog about my journey as a woman the small ones call me ‘mummy’ said “I remember the day I turned into my mum (& grandma) well, it was the day I urged my daughter to eat her dinner as “I’d slaved over a stove” making it…
I hadn’t ‘slaved’ it was cooked under my own free will. And we don’t have a stove as we don’t live in 1945!
Thing is my mum did have a stove either, it was the 80s. It’s clearly a generational mum phrase passed on through time!”

Victoria from Mummy Times Two belted out the classic ‘mum reply’, “I’m not everyone else’s mother”.. you can all guess the kid statement. (If you don’t this now then stick in in your arsenal, its a classic – Daddy P)

Laura from Five little doves managed to get all the way till her child was a teenager before saying “It’s not what you said it’s the way you said it!!”, thus confirming she had in fact, turned into her mother (and you’d almost made it through – Daddy P)

“Why? Because I said so that’s why!” This is something my mum always said to us and I hated it and now I’m bloody saying it too!, this is how Lisa from Mummy Gummie knew her time was up.

I’ll leave the last words to Sharon from everyones buck stops here as reckons she’s turning more like her mother every time she speaks and has uttered the following from her mum’s repertoire:

“Hang on, I’ll just nip out to the money tree”
“If so & so jumped off a cliff would you?”
“Am I talking to a brick wall”?
“You’ll catch your death in that”

I think its a fairly comprehensive list, do you have anything to add? what have we missed out on?