How much can you save with MandM Direct?

I’ve recently quit work to become a stay at home dad (as regular readers of my blog will know). To be able to afford this we’ve had to tighten our belts, quite a bit. Now I’ve always been a bargain hunter (or ‘a real Scrooge’ as my wife would probably describe it) but I have used this to my advantage since becoming a stay at home dad. I see it as a skill, saving money.

She’ll come home from the shops with something and ask my opinion and I’ll say, “That’s nice, was it expensive?” and she actually won’t know. Now, I’m not talking about the whole ‘pretending not to know, conveniently lost the receipt and tags, it’s more expensive than a small car’ kind of ‘I don’t know’ but that …..she just doesn’t know. As for me, I’ll know how much something is in 2 or 3 different shops. I get a buzz from saving money. Hmmmm maybe she’s onto something and I am slightly ‘Scroogey’ after all.

As I said, I love saving on essentials so I have used MandM Direct on many occasions. So when I, along with 4 other Dad bloggers were challenged to see who could save the most on their website I thought, ‘No one ‘Out Scrooges’ me!!’

So, the ‘Daddy Blogger Challenge’ was to see who could save the most with £100 to spend.

And how much of that £100 did I spend?

…….£99.95 and you know what? If I could have found another item for 5 pence I would have bought that too. That’s how serious I was about beating these other Dads.

No one saves more than me No one saves more than me

So what does £100 on MandM Direct get you? Well a huge amount

This what I picked up for £100 at MandM Direct This what I picked up for £100 at MandM Direct

I chose from the brands I personally like (as I’m a teenager in a slightly overweight 37-year-old man’s body) but MandM Direct isn’t limited to that type of clothes, they have a huge selection. Whatever you want is there; Ben Sherman, Wrangler, Levis, Converse Kids, Adidas, anything really.

I chose the above because we’d already purchased the kids’ summer clothes and I’d been putting my summer clothes shop on the long finger (Yes, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it). I don’t like ‘real shopping’ its expensive time-consuming hassle. Having said that I often go on shopping trips with my wife, well, when I say ‘I go on shopping trips’, what I mean is ‘she goes on shopping trips’ and I am employed as a pack mule for the day.

As payment for my job as a pack mule she will quiet regularly offer to purchase something for me, on a recent trip, it was runners. I even tried them on and then something inside me screamed: “You could get 2 pairs of these for the same price on MandM Direct” and that’s what I did, I checked the best size for me and bought 2 pairs of them when I got home.

…So I presume you want to actually see the clothes rather than a load of plastic bags with clothes in them

Behold… Daddy Poppins guide to showing off clothes as an overweight 37-year-old


Of course, I’m just messing around, here is me really showing off the clothes. It’s not as fun but a hell of a lot more practical.

Check out the pose!!

Check out the pose!!

“Companies, Companies!! Please form an orderly queue. I understand that you’re excited but I can do catalogue work for you all”

— Daddy Poppins, upon revealing his ‘fashion shots’

I chose 9 items that could be mixed and matched together, (how very Gok Wan of me eh?) Giving me 10 different outfits for my £100. The website is really easy to use, you can search by anything; sex, brand, colour, price, even by how much you want to save as the first requisite. To be honest I checked for clothes first then compared to see which I got the best offer on.  If I really wanted to be a Scrooge I could have done it the other way but I thought with up to 75% off the RRP on every product you’re going to save either way.

If you want to check any of the above items out they are all linked below.

So what did I save??

In total, I saved £155 on 9 items of clothing!!

On the high street, I’d have bought the Firetrap runners, Jack and Jones jeans and the French Connection t-shirt for the same amount.

So by using MandM Direct I basically got;

  • 2 t-shirts,

  • 2 hoodies and

  • 2 pairs of shorts for free!!

Not to mention that I didn’t have to go near the shops. #Bonus

That all for me this time. Till next time.


Daddy P.

Disclosure: I was provided with a budget of £100 to spend on clothes at MandM direct