June 2017

Kids TV for Adults

Don’t worry I’m not going all educational on you. I’m talking about kids shows so good that you’d watch them without the kids.

So when they’ve bored you to tears with the likes of; Peppa Pig, Tellytubbies, Postman Pat and Paw Patrol you should try wean them onto this list of Daddy Poppins favorite kids shows (for adults). These cartoons will keep both parents and kids interested (with plenty of adult humour that will fly over their heads and give you a good chuckle). I’ve picked these shows from whats currently available on TV before you guys start screaming about your childhood favourite. So without further adieu, let’s list these bad boys.

Should we rethink school sports days?

Being a stay at home dad and dad blogger I’m part of many Facebook dad groups and parenting Instagram communities and it’s clear to me that as schools wind down for their summer breaks that this is ‘Sports Day Season’. I see all the lovely pictures of kids racing and holding up medals. Lovely, smiley, happy kids.

Social media does that though, doesn’t it? No one shares a photo of an apprehensive child, no one shares a photo of the child that didn’t want to race


One Hull of a Mum (‪ has just started a new #linky called #childseyeview where you get your kids to take a picture and you get their view on life.  

the ‘will we watch something on Netflix?’ argument

So, I’ve written about TV before and the struggle to watch it as a parent but let’s just pretend that all the planets in the cosmos line up and your nocturnal kids are settled in bed and it’s just you and your partner and the immortal words are spoken

Will we watch something on Netflix?

Now to the uninitiated this idea will sound like heaven; ‘a beautiful moment snuggled up as a couple ‘without kids’ on the couch’ but those of you with a partner with different taste in TV will know that this is the slippery slope into the 7th level of hell. No scratch that this is the descent into ‘argumentative purgatory’

Witchhunt for Witchhunter

An 86-year-old woman murdered in a “targeted” fire attack on her unique ‘candy home’ last Saturday has been named by the Enchanted Forest Police

Ima Notawitch (known locally as ‘the witch’) was killed during the dawn blaze at her property in the centre of the Enchanted forest. This ‘colourful character’ ‘mysteriously appeared’ in the area in recent times and proceeded to painstakingly construct a home from gingerbread and other candy based materials in the hope of finding favour with the locals, mainly working class fairytale folk. 

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