An 86-year-old woman murdered in a “targeted” fire attack on her unique ‘candy home’ last Saturday has been named by the Enchanted Forest Police

Ima Notawitch (known locally as ‘the witch’) was killed during the dawn blaze at her property in the centre of the Enchanted Forest. This ‘colourful character’ ‘mysteriously appeared’ in the area in recent times and proceeded to painstakingly construct a home from gingerbread and other candy based materials in the hope of finding favour with the locals, mainly working-class fairytale folk.

However, her attempts to be embraced by the ‘close-knit local community’ seem to have backfired as she has recently been harassed in what can only be described as a ‘campaign of hatred’ (which seems to have been instigated after a rumour on local internet message boards that she practised witchcraft).

“Old, pointy nose, candy house, I rest my case ”

— One comment from a user called Witchhunter2000 read

Chief arson investigator, Dr. Blaise Finder, suggested that the cause of the fire was actually the victim herself and not the highly flammable sweets that the house was made of.

Suspicion arose when the remains of Mrs Notawitch were found within a large pot within the remnants of the home.

“The fire took some time to get under control due to the ‘popping candy’ roof construction”, Dr. Blaise explained. “All evidence suggests that the fire began in and around the pot in which the victim was found rather than elsewhere in the home”, he added.

Two local school kids raised the alarm after being attracted by the smell of roasted marshmallows.

“We were in the area, mmmm, collecting breadcrumbs, or something”, Hansel, aged 8 said, unconvincingly.

“Yeah, there was definitely nothing else to it “, his sister, Gretel aged 6 added.

“We’re shocked!!”, they exclaimed in unison, in a ‘no way pre-rehearsed’ manner.

As yet Police have no definitive line of enquiry and the investigation seems to have stalled.

“Its like they’re are on a constant tea and gingerbread break”, one bystander (who didn’t want to be named) said boldly

“If you would like to snitch on some really nice local kids rather than eat some of the lovely gingerbread treats while muttering something like “bet one of her spells went wrong!” then please call the Enchanted Police hotline on 1800-DONT-RAT-ON-YOUR-OWN”  said Major Leigh Ian Ept of the Fairytale Police Force.

He then muttered something about a reward of gingerbread for the capture of the arsonist and returned to his cup of tea.