One Hull of a Mum (‪ started a new #linky recently called #childseyeview where you get your kids to take a picture and you get their view on life. A few weeks ago I showed you Bellas first selfie, this week, its Ben’s turn.

A few days ago I handed my phone to the little man and told him to take photos of whatever he wanted, i got; baby monitors, his tablet, framed photos on the mantelpiece, pictures of part of an ornament and then the following should up in my camera roll……

I asked Ben about it and he said it was a ‘chewing gum mustache’ selfie.

So, what have I learned from this?

  • Bella takes better selfies
  • Ben thinks you grow a mustache on the brow of your nose
  • 7 year olds are a bit mad
  • He’s definitely my kid
  • #badlyplacedchewinggummustacheselfie could be a thing (in a weird alternate reality)
  • oh, and my child really shouldn’t be left alone with chewing gum
  • or a camera