We have to get out of the house!!

So the kids are mental. I know they’re mental in general but today they’re like proper, proper, mental. Bella reckons she’s in the Night Garden and the little man has had so much screen time is going pixelated.

“We gotta get outta this place!! if its the last thing we ever do”

— the Animals (and Daddy Poppins)

So we ran through all the usual places to go in a quick fire question combo.
•    Fenor playground: No, we’ve been there too often recently
•    Ardmore Farm: Went there recently, fancy something new
•    Castlecomber Discovery Park: The little man was on his school tour there during the week
•    Gowran Reptile Zoo: We need them to run around (but I suspect its because the Bear doesn’t like snakes)

The Bear: What about that place in Carlow? The sensory place.
Daddy P: Never heard of it.

So I go off and google things to do in Carlow

Daddy P: is it ‘the Carlow Delta Sensory Gardens?’
The Bear: Yeah, That’s it!
Daddy P: €5 per adult and kids under 13 free!! SOLD
The Bear: Let’s go give it a try.
Daddy P: It’s top of the things to do list and looks lovely!! let’s just get in the car and go.

So off we go to the car.. but not before I arm myself for the journey

That should keep them at bay for an hour That should keep them at bay for an hour

As expected it took about an hour to get there from Waterford. I must admit my first impression was “This is the best Carlow has to offer?” Now, granted I had only pulled up in the carpark and was very HANGRY!! it was 2pm and I hadn’t eaten yet. Essentially it appeared to be a tourist gimmick in a garden centre in a run down industrial estate!!

So in we went to the cafe to try sort out my HANGER issues. It was all salad and quiche. This was not going well. After much surveying of the menu, I decided upon a beef wrap and chanced my arm at ordering chips. ‘No problem’, came the reply. So while it was being prepared I popped to the toilet and on the way caught a glimpse of the start of the gardens, Ooooh, They don’t look shabby at all!!


So we packed up the kids and did the whole ‘go to the toilet before we go in’ thing and then ventured inside:

The kids went ballistic. There were; fountains, waterfalls, lakes, paths, huge chess sets, the smell of flowers, things to climb on and touch, They were in their element. The outside setting was very soon forgotten as we immersed ourselves in the 2 and a half acres of beautifully finished and maintained gardens. WOW is all I can say. (Words couldn’t do it justice… So check out the pictures below)

Will we be going back again? Definitely!!