The lovely people at Golden Bear toys have been back in touch with us again. They saw how much the Boo loved her in the Night Garden teddies (check out the review we did here) and wanted to make sure that ‘the Little Man’ wasn’t left out. They asked whether we’d like to review a DC Super Friends Power Punch Batman and of course, we said yes (we received the product for the purpose of the review*)

Once again, we made a little video (as we wanted to show the excitement of unboxing it and hearing it make noise for the first time). Plus they say a picture speaks a thousand words then a video must speak a hell of a lot more (also because Daddy Poppins wanted to have some fun with Batman sound effects). So without further ado, here it is…..

A lot of superhero toys are made for older kids with hard plastic edges so when I first saw this product I thought ‘brilliant, fewer bangs and bumps’ (for both ‘the Little Man’ and me). ‘The Little Man’ has been taking it to bed with him too,  something you definitely can’t do with a normal action figure. This toy is recommended for ages 10 months and up. I say ‘and up’ because I’d hate to put an upper limit on it, I love it and I’m 37!!

My little superhero with his little superhero

What’s not to love:

  • Makes cool ‘Pow, Chunk, Whoosh’ type sounds when you punch with it
  • It has posable arms (to make it easier to sneak up an punch Daddy Poppins)
  • Its eyes light up (this was a big hit with Ben)
  • It says loads of phrases (We’ve come along way since the pull string 1 phrase toy of my youth)
  • It has a mask cape and utility belt
  • It feels really durable
  • It is cuddly, not sharp like other superhero toys (So it doesn’t hurt when you get sucker punched. It happens to all parents)
  •  It wouldn’t break the bank at £24.99

the Little Man loves it and if I was an actual kid, not just a big kid, I’d love it too. It could be a great present for your little superhero.

It gets Daddy Poppins seal of approval.

this one never gets old