We were asked to #review a monthly creativity box from the lovely people at Trunkaroo. 


Creative projects for curious kids… Yup that’s my little man in a nutshell

It arrived to great excitement on the morning of the last day of school:

“What’s in the big blue box?”

“That one is for you, Little man”

“Can we open it now?”

“Let’s wait till after school”

“OK” (Begrudgingly) 

Now I don’t know about you but I loved getting stuff in the post as a child; What is it? Who’s sending something to me? It’s a big box!! What could be inside? (Nowadays it’s generally bills so I’m not quite as thrilled). My little man seems to have inherited the same ‘excited about the post’ gene.

So what is Trunkaroo? 

Well, Trunkaroo is a monthly subscription service for kids, that aims to make; Science, Technology Engineering, Art and Maths interesting and fun.

“Learning through fun delivered to your door, monthly. Sounds good to me”

— Daddy Poppins, upon reading about the Trunkaroo box service
Later that day I collected the little man from school and his first question was “Can we open the blue box?”  You see, I told you the postal gene was strong. Considering school was out for summer this was a pretty amazing first question. (Sorry if you have now been earwormed with ‘Alice Copper’s – Schools out for Summer’

So, to much excitement we got home and opened the box, here’s how we got on…

So does the Trunkaroo Box service deliver?

I don’t mean, like ‘deliver’ of course it ‘delivers’ (It wouldn’t be much of a subscription box if it didn’t), I mean does do ‘what it says on the the tin’ (or the box, in this case)

I’d have to say a resounding YES. The little man and I sat down straight away and got stuck in. We had father/son bonding time and did something we’d never have done had this box not arrived through the door. No tablets, no screens, no technology, just us two together having fun and making stuff. He loved it (as you can hear from his little excited voice in the video). At the time of this review we’d only done 1 of the projects and have another 3 to do (plus the suggestions in the magazine)

Is it worth the money?

Firstly, let me state for the record that we received this box free of charge for purpose of review. If not then it would have cost £19.99 plus £2.95 postage and packing (if you only purchased 1 box), it would be cheaper if you subscribed for the year.

“So, get to the point Daddy P …tell us… is it worth the money?”

Well, we played with it so far for about an hour and have at least twice that again worth of play to go. That’s 3 hours plus of kids entertainment for £22.95 not to mention the excitement at it arriving. So its definitely worth a try to see if your kids love it too. Daddy Poppins suggestion would be to order the first box (you can get 20% off it at the moment) see how it goes and if you like it then sign up for a longer period to save yourself some cash. (I’m all about the saving cash).

If you have a creative kid then it is definitely worth a try!