I took some snaps and video footage of Fenor playground awhile ago, you can tell its awhile ago because:

  • I’m wearing a coat
  • I don’t have big black rings under my eyes
  • Its obviously cold because we’re the only ones there
  • The little lady although walking is obviously much younger
  • And finally, because I’d totally forgotten about it until I found the folder on the laptop

So where is Fenor? and why should you visit it’s playground?

Well, Fenor is situated in County Waterford, about 5 minutes drive from Dunhill and 10 minutes drive from Tramore. (its about 15 minutes from my front door).

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should travel from the far end of Ireland to visit the place but if you are at a loss as to what to do with the kids and you’ve never been then I’d highly recommend it. Its free to use and the kids will love it. I’d have loved it as a kid (in fact I still love it now), it has everything, don’t believe me? I’m not going to spoil it for you, just check out my little video

So is there anything else in Fenor,? or is that it, I hear you ask.

Well, it is only a small village but there’s enough there to have a lovely afternoon. Close by to the park you have the Copper Hen (a really well-regarded restaurant) and 2 minutes drive away is The Copper Coast Open farm (which has a good selection of animals and lovely coffee shop).  Fenor is part of the Copper Coast and its a lovely area of the country, you could go for a scenic drive along the coast road, taking in the amazing views or there’s plenty of walk’s available nearby. Fenor is also where that Bella had her first experience with horses (see below) any excuse to show that clip again. Neigh!!

So go check it out.

Daddy Poppins