What I’ve learned from watching Boss Baby 3 times a day for over a month..

  • My second child went to baby business school too
  • My little Boss Baby loves Boss Baby
  • It might be repetitive but it gives you an hour to get shit done
  • If you watch too much Boss Baby you will ponder the correlation between the cuteness of babies and dogs
  • You’ll get tired of Boss Bay before your child will
  • You will always chuckle at the ‘baby fart’ and ‘dummy in the ass’ scenes, no matter what age you are (Well this far anyway)


  • Everybody has a tickle spot (everybody).
  • It’s not actually a bad film at all.
  • Tim could just be imagining it all as a way of dealing with the impending arrival of his new brother.
  • If you watch a kids film too much you’ll overthink it.
  • When your children give up and leave the room you probably won’t bother switch it off.
  • You’ll find it funnier when you realise the Boss Baby is Alec Baldwin.
  • When a film just plays in the background it becomes like elevator music.
  • Even if it wasn’t watched the first time (or second time) that day your child will scream ‘AGAIN!!’  as soon as the credits roll.
  • Product launches involve more rockets that I originally thought

That’s my thoughts so far.

Have you seen it yet?

What did you think?

What are your parental insights?