August 2017

Settling in at a crèche

Firstly and fore mostly, its not Daddy Poppins that needs settling in a creche, even if the Bear may suggest that he ‘needs bloody help‘ on a regular basis. I’m talking about when your kids need to enter some kind of childcare, of course!

Giggle Wiggle by John Adams Toys Review

 Kids these days seem to have their heads stuck in their tablets and screens (and while I think technology, for the most part, is great for society) it seems to me to be generally a solitary pursuit (there’s no face… Continue Reading →

The truth about ‘Flying with kids’

You’ve read all the top tips for flying with children’ type posts floating about the net. I must admit that I read a few before getting on a plane and thought, ‘Jaysus! There’s some great advice in these’.

However what happens when you actually get on a flight? Does it all goes as swimmingly as some mummy and daddy bloggers would have you believe? Do these tips and tricks guarantee a ‘Zen like’ flight?

So this year Daddy Poppins put it to the test. He decided that he and his family would take a 4 hour flight as their first trip together.

I mean,“What could go wrong?”

I’ll tell ya….

…Fucking everything

(Pardon my french and all but it’s the only way to describe it).

Pros and Cons of Tenerife’s Black Sand Beaches

  Cons: They hold the heat, so it burns the shit out of your feet You need to tiptoe around in flip flops (don’t get me started on flip-flops) It looks like you are on a construction site You feel… Continue Reading →

Investigation into ‘Workplace Eggcident’

  FAR FAR AWAY POLICE and the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) have opened investigations after a perfectly ‘oval being’ died in a workplace accident this morning.   The ‘egg-shaped‘ man, who is understood to be aged in his late… Continue Reading →

Things you say on holidays

    This is a small account of things both Daddy Poppins and his family have said on holidays. I’m sure you’ve said a good few of them before. Hope it gives you a laugh. Daddy Poppins: How is there… Continue Reading →

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