This is a small account of things both Daddy Poppins and his family have said on holidays. I’m sure you’ve said a good few of them before. Hope it gives you a laugh.

Daddy Poppins: How is there still sand in my ass?

Daddy Poppins: When your sister is asleep!!

Daddy Poppins: For the last time there’s no wifi here!!

Daddy Poppins: Sorry before I order, do you have wifi?

Daddy Poppins: You do need more suncream!!

Daddy Poppins: Don’t go back in the sand.

Daddy Poppins: How many outfits do we have with us for her?

The Bear: Buy the vanilla if you want her to wear the dress again

The Bear: Ok it’s your funeral.

The Bear: Am I burnt? (Em yup!)

Daddy Poppins: God I hate flip-flops.

The Bear: Make sure you bring your flip flops

Daddy Poppins: Ahh Aaahhh Aaaaah!!! (Trying to walk on sand without flip-flops)

Daddy Poppins: What do I look like? Google translate?

Daddy Poppins: I’m sure it’s down this way!

The Bear: Are you bringing us on another wild goose chase?

The Bear and Daddy Poppins: Is she ever going to fall asleep?

The Bear: Put her pants on before she burns her bits.

Daddy Poppins: Do you have suncream on?

Daddy Poppins: Ok ok we heard you the first time.

The Bear and Daddy Poppins: Oh look a [boat, mountains, bus, beach etc]


The Bear: They’re very loud aren’t they?

Daddy Poppins: Ssssshhh! And I’ll buy you ice cream.

The Bear: Don’t leave that uncovered it’ll attract creepy crawlies.

The Bear: Whys there f**kin creepy crawlies everywhere?

The Bear: We’re just going to dip our feet in the sea.

The Bear: Have you another outfit in the bag? She’ll jump into the sea.

Daddy Poppins: she went in the sea, didn’t she?

The Bear: just get me an outfit out of the bag.

The Bear: It’s too windy here let’s go to the Beach down the road.

The Bear: It’s way too hot for the kids.

The Bear: Oh that wind is refreshing. (Upon returning to the place that was too windy)

Ben: Can we have ice cream?

Daddy Poppins: It’s what f**kin price for ice cream?!?

Daddy Poppins: Ah these are the days! …..Oh shit, she’s woken up.

Daddy Poppins: Make sure you don’t drop that it’ll break.

Daddy Poppins: What do you mean you dropped it?

Daddy Poppins: Are you really using factor 6? You’ll tan with the higher stuff too.

The Bear: Am I burnt? (After using factor 6)

Daddy Poppins: *rolls eyes.

Ben: can we go on the Dragon? (*huge water slide)

Yes, that's what he wanted to go on.   Yes, that’s what he wanted to go on.

Daddy Poppins: you’re too small.

Ben: can we go on the Dragon?

Daddy Poppins: you’re too small.

Ben: can we go on the Dragon?

Daddy Poppins: maybe, we’ll see

Ben: but Daddy said I go on the Dragon?

Daddy Poppins: you’re too small.

Daddy Poppins: how about some ice cream?

Ben: sure, afterwards can we go on the Dragon?

The Bear: She could be hungry she’s only had ice cream and crisps all day.

Daddy Poppins: what would you like to eat?

Bella: icecream