Kids these days seem to have their heads stuck in their tablets and screens (and while I think technology, for the most part, is great for society) it seems to me to be generally a solitary pursuit (there’s no face to face social interaction or comradery involved).

I long for the times of; going outside to kick a ball around, tag, stuck in the mud, tip the can oh and of course family board games! (even the Christmas Day ones when it can become a bit dicey)

But what kind of board games can a 5 or 6-year-old play? You’re hardly going to get them to keep an interest in chess, risk, monopoly or trivial pursuit are you?

So when the people at John Adams toys said they’d like to send us 3 family games for ages 4 and up, I thought, ‘YAY!! I have a ‘gateway drug* (of sorts)’

*Daddy Poppins nor John Adams toys recommends ‘gateway drugs’ (its a simile people!!)

I really hoped that these games were going to be great and lead my kids into the interactive fun of playing with their family and friends rather than staring at a tablet screen like a googly-eyed gremlin (that seems to get grumpier every minute they use it).

 So what did we get? 
  • Giggle Wiggle
  • Don’t be a Donkey
  • Mr Bucket

There was great excitement in the house. We choose to play Giggle wiggle first.

Wanna see how we got on?

Daddy’s thoughts: 

This was great fun. Easy to put together. Simple to understand. Quick and easy. No arguments over rules or who won. It’s everything you want in a game for this age. I’d heartily recommend it (even if I lost the first outing). 

So what about the other games?

Where’s their review? Were they not any good?

Well, Daddy Poppins is going to tell it like it is here. Ya ready?     ……..We haven’t opened them yet.

What? Why not?

……Well, I like to video record everything (unboxing, set up, playing, reaction etc.) so you get the real reaction to the game rather than a fake act. Yes, Daddy Poppins does #realreviews

So why haven’t you filmed then yet?

Well, my 7-year-old ‘co-reviewer’ decided it would be a good idea to stick his entire chin and mouth into a plastic cup and suck and suck until “it made a pop sound when he pulled it off”, learning a valuable life lesson in the process.

Doing this will bruise your entire chin and upper lip and make you look like you have a goatee

(Which in turn will mean you don’t want to be recorded and broadcast on the internet, strangely enough)

So don’t worry, they are to come. We are saving the excitement for when someone’s chin is better.

Stay tuned.