When I get approached by a company to review a product my first questions are usually:

1. Is it something we need?

2. Does it fit with my brand? (yes, I think Daddy Poppins is a brand, don’t worry this makes me laugh as well)

3. Is it something I can honestly review?

4. Can I make the review interesting?

So when the people at brush-baby contacted me to see if I’d review their dental products I thought I can definitely answer yes to the first 3.

My littlest one is 22 months old and it’s clear she has some kind of sensory issues going on (her brother has recently been diagnosed with Dyspraxia). She’s so far ahead of the curve in so many things; walking well before the age of 1, counting to 10 for months, her vocabulary is amazing, she can name all the colours etc. Being so far ahead in her developmental milestones means that she strives for independence (that’s dad talk for ‘can be a stroppy little madam’).

She wants to feed herself, no matter how sloppy the food. She wants to climb high, unsupervised and she wants to brush her own teeth.

Now you may be thinking, that’s great!! But when she just isn’t able to do it and won’t let you help then it becomes a major problem.

She’s had a full set of teeth for ages but won’t let you clean them. Brushing to her is sucking the water/toothpaste off a toothbrush!!

When she was younger you could give them a quick rub but the older she gets the less inclined she is to let you anywhere near them.

Unless she wants to bite you!!

 I always joked with my wife that the baby teeth were just ‘practice ones’. That they really didn’t need dental hygiene until the real ones arrived.

It was very tongue in cheek but it always garnered ‘the look’. (If you’re in a relationship then you have been given ‘the look’ before).

*the look, means you are wrong. Do not try to argue.

Then the package from brush-baby arrived it came with lots of great information leaflets about dental hygiene in kids. “These people really know their stuff”, My wife thought as she browsed through them. Then she came across the fact that how we look after our baby teeth affects the growth of our adult teeth and I got ‘the other look’

To the average person ‘the other look’, is very similar to ‘the look’  however ‘the other look’ means ‘see, told ya I was right, I’m always right (you’re an idiot)!’

Well, I say I got ‘the other look’, what I mean is I also got ‘the lecture’.

Thanks, brush-baby. Thanks a lot.

In all seriousness dental hygiene is really important, it’s great to instil teeth and gum care in kids when they are young and set up a dental routine for them in later life. The Boo’s insistence on not letting anyone near her teeth was a real hindrance to this. No one wants their kids to have to go to the dentist with tooth pain!!

I couldn’t pass up on a classic dad joke like that could I?  😜

So, what else arrived in the pack, besides the leaflets that got me in trouble? Well… we received:

  • A chewable teether/toothbrush
  • Teething toothpaste
  • A toothbrushing chart
  • Reward stickers
  • And, a BabySonic electric toothbrush

At this point we’ve used the chewable teether/toothbrush and teething toothpaste. It’s been a revelation!

Yes she still uses it herself. But it’s shape and feel really suits our situation, she can place it in her mouth and bite it to her hearts content. And every now and then she shakes it side to side, getting the full benefit of this multisided brush. This completely rubber toothbrush has bristles on all sides to make brushing a little ones teeth a much simpler task.

It’s not perfect but that’s more to do with my child than the brushes design

She doesn’t always place it correctly (and it’s very likely that she’ll have a complete meltdown if you try correct it) but it’s a huge step in the right direction. She’s gone from little or no proper dental care to something close to a full brush of her teeth. We love it. More importantly she loves it. 

Yes, she will have stubble

“What are you doing she can’t have toothpaste! She’s too young!!”

– my Wife.

“Oh, yes she can. This is special toothpaste for babies. It has lower fluoride levels. It’s actually made for 0-2 years of age” I replied. (Knowing, from experience not to give ‘the other look’ at this point)

*Men should never attempt to do ‘the look’ or ‘the other look’ even if it seems the perfect opportunity to do so. It’s also advised not to go all ‘Captain Obvious’ at any point in a relationship if you value your man bits, that is

The toothpaste is great. She loves it. It’s applemint flavour.

“What the hell is applemint?” I know you’re thinking. Well, it appears to be ‘apple and mint’ mixed together, strangely enough 😜.

I said don’t go all Captain Obvious!!

Daddy Poppins tasted it (for testing purposes, of course) and it’s nice. It’s a little strange at first with the 2 flavours combined, first, you get the apple, taste then the freshness of the mint. It’s not sharp like adult toothpaste. It’s definitely gone down well with our little one.

She’s a little young to understand the whole reward sticker concept at present and I feel the electric toothbrush is a jump too far until she gets used to the current one (purely on the basis of her sensory issues).

My plan is to introduce the electric toothbrush and stickers in late October, when she’s becomes 2 and is a ‘big girl’. Hitting her with 2 different dental products at once would overwhelm her. Just like the rubber toothbrush I can see it’s really well made and thought out. It pulses for 30 seconds at a time and has a 2 minute light up timer.

brush-baby really seem to have thought of everything and if you are struggling to get your kid to brush then I’d definitely recommend checking them out.


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