October 2017

Scalextric Touring Car Battle #review

I hate ‘bog standard reviews’, you know the kind: I love [insert product name] I think everything about it is [great/fantastic/an income stream*], my kids loved it (even though they didn’t bother take it out of the box/refused to be photographed… Continue Reading →

Toddlebike2 Review

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because both the Toddlebike 2 and ‘the Boo’ (that’s my little lady, who ultimately reviewed it) are both ‘short‘ and ‘sweeeet‘ too!! So one of these arrived in the post awhile ago…. Continue Reading →

OPHELIA – You’re breaking my heart

So the Bear had gone to her mothers with the kids for the day and Daddy P was settling into a nice little FIFA session. No kids. No list. Nothing. Just him. Alone. AHHHHH!!! PHONECALL 1 The Bear: “There’s a… Continue Reading →

What I’ve learned in my first year as a stay at home dad

4 months after I became Daddy Poppins, I wrote a blog on what I’d learned so far. So now over a year in I’ve decided to update that list ..,, here goes ….  

Daddy Poppins on TV

Recently I was contacted by RTE (our national broadcaster) asking if I’d like to represent ‘stay at home dads’ on a panel discussion on a program called Rearing to Go, about parental issues.

Appy Kids Co drinks #Review

It’s the eternal struggle: getting kids to eat and drink things that are healthy for them. “I’m hungry” “OK, have some fruit, dinner is nearly ready” “I’m not hungry for fruit!! I’M HUNGRY FOR CHOCOLATE!!” This a conversation a young… Continue Reading →

Musical Beds

* Disclaimer: this is NOT a review for some amazing new bed which sings your kids to sleep (but if anyone out there has such a lifesaving product I’d love to hear from you). This is just me checking the… Continue Reading →

The Big Bad World versus my own little World

I’ve got a question. And it’s a big one. OK, it’s lots of big ones!! ‪So here’s the deal, I skim through what’s going on in the world then choose to ignore it or possibly make fun of it (it’s… Continue Reading →

The 20 Scariest Horror films to watch this Halloween

Daddy Poppins loves films of all kinds but one of his favourite genres is horror. The following is a list of films he’d watch again (if he’s ever awake enough once his nocturnal kids have finally gone to sleep, that… Continue Reading →

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