I’ve got a question. And it’s a big one. OK, it’s lots of big ones!!

‪So here’s the deal, I skim through what’s going on in the world then choose to ignore it or possibly make fun of it (it’s a coping mechanism, of sorts)‬

Is it wrong?


I mean, I understand that as a white male born in a developed 1st world country that I’m privileged. It’s the way the world is. I hate to say it but it is.

(Would I have the same thought processes if I was born in a war-torn 3rd world country or elsewhere as an oppressed minority? I doubt it)

*since this blog was written Louis CK has been accused of acts that Daddy Poppins in no way condones

But, as it stands, I believe in shielding my kids (and even myself if I’m honest) from; danger, harm, hatred and the racist rhetoric that seems to all around in today’s 24/7 rolling news culture.

Look, I’m certain the world hasn’t changed a huge amount in the last 50 years (in fact there’s plenty of reports stating that if anything it’s a safer place now that it ever was), it’s just in this ‘social media age’ everything is at your fingertips, a beat is never missed; from ISIS beheading videos to fascism and modern-day Nazis. You hear the news “as it happens” (to coin a popular news networks tagline).

So my questions are….

  • Do I really need to listen to everything that’s going on in the world?

  • Is it wrong for me to hide away from this constant barrage of crap and tell dad jokes and have fun with my kids?

  • Is it wrong that I chose to read the sports section and skip the crap? (I’m sure it’s not crap to others who are ‘living it’).

  • Should I be doing more?

  • Am I part of the problem by not standing up to these things?

  • Can one person make a difference in such entrenched matters and views?

  • Is sitting back from world news and just living by the creed that you ‘treat those around you the same way you’d like to be treated’ (no matter what their race or religion is) OK?

  • In 50 years time will the same battles be ongoing and (if I’m still alive) will I look back and wish I had been more involved in trying to change the world rather than enjoying my own little world?

I’d really love to know your thoughts.