It’s the eternal struggle: getting kids to eat and drink things that are healthy for them.

“I’m hungry”

“OK, have some fruit, dinner is nearly ready”

“I’m not hungry for fruit!! I’M HUNGRY FOR CHOCOLATE!!”

This a conversation a young Daddy Poppins had with his mother (Nanny Poppins), a long long long time ago (he remembers it word for word as he’s been reminded of it by said Nanny on many an occasion)

and you know what? it’s funny.     

…..Or it was funny

Till he had kids.

Once you have kids everything food related is a battle, The Bear (my wife) did everything to bring ours up on all kinds of wonderful stuff, you name it; homemade vegetable puree and soup, fruit, vegetables, correct healthy portion sizes. If there’s something to know about food and health she knows it. I on the other hand (as a man) go strictly by the concept of taste, if it tastes good I like it.

Below is an example of our date night dietary habits:

The Bear: “I think I’ll go for the salad to start and then the sea bream, I want to be good”

Daddy P: “I ‘want’ to be good too ……but I’m going for the chicken wings and a huge steak”

The Bear: *glares, eyebrow raised

Daddy P: “I’ll have a side order of onion rings too”

The Bear: “Seriously?”

Daddy P: “And a pint of beer!!!”

So you see, we both come from different ends of the ‘food spectrum’ and although our kids started off firmly at her end of the spectrum the little dial has been sliding my way over time. and as we all know once the ‘sugar floodgates’ are opened it is very difficult to get them closed again. First its just a treat here, a bribe there and the next thing you know its forced its way into the bottom of your ‘kids food pyramid’, they are demanding their 7 a day (of sugar).

Meme representation on my previously healthy kids

So when I was approached by Appy Kids Co to #review their drinks, which they said where made with ‘ethically sourced wholesome ingredients’ and had ‘no added sugar, GMOs or artificial preservatives’, I thought, “Hey that sounds pretty damn good” and that’s before I read that they ‘are kinder to teeth and a healthier option for children’.

To be honest, I thought it was all ‘a bit too good to be true’, then again, as previously discussed, I come from the ‘healthy food tastes bad’ school of thought.

When it comes to kids food you usually have 2 choices:

Or they don’t bloody eat the blue pill and stomp their feet till they get the red one!!

But then Appy Kids Co arrived, all ‘Morpheus like’ and said:

Then 1 day I received an incredibly heavy package in the post, they’d sent me 5 boxes of the stuff, all in different flavours and kids characters. There was;

  • Dora (mixed berries flavour)

  • Paw Patrol (both apple and orange flavours)

  • Minions (tropical flavour)

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (multifruit flavour)

So how did we get on with them?

Why not check out the video below to see

(He drank 4 in the end if you were betting)

So after we made the above video the Bear arrived home from work and upon opening the fridge we had the following conversation:

the Bear: “What is all this sugary crap doing in my fridge?”

Daddy P: “It’s not sugary it’s healthy”

the Bear: HHHHMMMMMMMMM (you know that ‘Marge Simpson sound’, yeah that)

Daddy P: “look it says lower sugar on the packet”

the Bear: “So its full of artificial muck then, great!”

Daddy P: “No, its some natural thingamebob”

the Bear: “Don’t let them drink too much of it till I read whats in it”

Daddy P: “Yeah, …………OK” (*as he thinks back to the 4 the little man just drank in about 3 minutes)

the Bear: (*reading the packet) “OH, it uses Stevia to sweeten it, I read that’s much better than sugar but it tasted s**t when i tried it in my tea”

Daddy P: “Well the little man loved them so its working alright in them”

the Bear: “Alright then, actually.. how many did you give him?”

Daddy P: (*expertly changing the subject) “So, how was your day?”


the Bear: “Stop trying to change the subject”


They arrived on the Thursday and myself and the Bear went away to the national Dyspraxia summit for a few days and when we arrived back on the Sunday what was left of the 5 boxes was in the fridge.

Yup, 3 pouches left.  

If that doesn’t tell you how much my kids liked them i don’t know what will

OK, so where can you get them?

Well, they are available throughout Ireland in Dunnes Stores, some Spars and SuperValus and online through Amazon (they are also available throughout the UK in Tesco, Ocado and Spar).