I’m going to keep this short and sweet because both the Toddlebike 2 and ‘the Boo’ (that’s my little lady, who ultimately reviewed it) are both ‘short‘ and ‘sweeeet‘ too!!

We were asked to review a Toddlebike 2 and as the Boo is too small for a balance bike as yet said, “Yes please!!” and I’m so glad we did because:

  • She loves it (it is her current favourite toy).
  • She took to it instantly.
  • It has improved her balance, no end.
  • It has kept me sane during the recent stormy weather by giving her something to do inside.
  • It is really durable (believe me she’s tested its durability).
  • It is lightweight (only 0.8 kg) so can be hung from the buggy’s handlebars.
  • It can be used inside and out and on all kinds of terrain.
  • It comes in a choice of 3 colours (blue, red and pink)
  • Its well priced at only £23.95 (You can buy one here) *we received one free for the purpose of this review

Daddy Poppins thinks it would make a great Christmas present for any little one and not only that but you can save 10% by using the code BLOG17 on the Toddlebike site

Bullet points only say so much and I said I’d keep it short and sweet so check out our video to see how ‘the Boo’ got on: