What parents want

A ‘real’ gift guide:

  • Sleep (Imagine if I had an affiliate link for this!!).

  • A child-free hangover (Actually, no hangover at all, just the night out without the feeling of dehydrated death that follows).

try adding kids to the mix Mr Polar Bear. try adding kids to the mix Mr Polar Bear.

  • To feel like an ‘actual human’, rather than a servant to a band of hungry bipolar menopausal dwarves.
  • To finish a meal/drink without anyone taking some or it going cold.  #bliss
  • To poo in peace.


What they don’t want

  • Your unsolicited parenting ‘advice’.
  • The dreaded ‘danger nap’. (You know the one when you child decides to ‘rest their eyes’ at 6 pm and you know you’ll pay for it later).
  • Kids filled with sugar (I’m looking at you grandparents, it’s not funny)

  • To hear the words, ‘I don’t feel too good’ (especially if someone has mentioned the phrase ‘vomiting bug’ in your presence recently)

  • Noisy toys; drums, whistles, xylophones, battery operated toys, bears that repeat the same thing over and over and over and over (till you wish for the end)

So, what do you really want for Christmas? (Yes, I did mention the C word, in November)

Whats the worst present you’ve ever received?

Let me know in the comments