Remember that time before smart phones?


When you had to, like…. be on time and talk to the person you were meeting (rather than congregate and browse social media in each other’s presence).

If you didn’t arrive at the meeting place on time then (depending on your age) you either had to traipse* from pub to pub, or mates house to mates house to try and find them.

(*Side note: I’m allowed use the word ‘traipse’ because I’m a parent. Have you ever heard anyone other than a parent use that word? “What time do you call this? Traipsing in here at this hour!!”).

Anyway, back to the ‘simpler time’, before smartphones, a time when you didn’t hold the answer to every pub quiz question and endless cat videos in a tiny box in your hand. A time when all your gossip was by ‘word of mouth’ and stories ‘gained legs’ as they travelled ‘Chinese whispers’ style from mouth to mouth. You just had to start a rumour at the till of your local supermarket on pay day and by 5pm the next day your town would ‘treat it as gospel’ (not that I’d in any way condone such an action). I’m some man for the tangents ain’t I 😜

Times were definitely simpler then and I think communication skills were better too.

People had to put more effort into face to face communication.

Today’s society seems to avoid this kind of interaction at any cost, sending WhatsApp’s and messenger smilies and emojis in reply to serious questions and topics. This doesn’t equip us to deal with real life interactions….

 “Oh! your Mam died! Emmm…..emmmm ‘sad face’?”

Or having long text rallys, back and forth like a Wimbledon ladies doubles match, instead of picking up the phone. You know the score….

“Unknown number…. haha!! You gotta be joking me. I wouldn’t even answer a call from the person I’m currently messaging”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not innocent of any of this, I’m a prime candidate.

In fact, if there was an organisation in charge of people who ‘spent way too much time on their phone’ then I’d probably be on the board. Actually scratch that, I’d be the CEO.

My wife upon reading that last bit. (she wouldn't be wearing a shirt and tie, but everything else is 👌🏻)

My wife upon reading that last bit. (she wouldn’t be wearing a shirt and tie, but everything else is 👌🏻)

You want proof?

I’m writing this, on my phone, while nodding and grunting at random times to the one sided conversation my wife is currently having. Oh, She knows. She’ll catch me out in the next few minutes too. Or perhaps just stop talking and give me the death stare’ (similar to the one I’ll get when she reads this paragraph)

No, not the ‘death star’ the ‘death stare’. (If you’re in a relationship then you know the difference).

No, not the ‘death star’ the ‘death stare’. (If you’re in a relationship then you know the difference).

So, what do you reckon? Is technology killing the art of conversation?

(credit in picture 👍)  (credit in picture 👍)

Are we a nation of zombified technology addicts who can’t make a bit of small talk like the last generation could. Is this progress? Or are you actually glad you don’t have to hear about the weather from a complete stranger for the umpteenth time today? Is it no different a barrier to communication than reading a newspaper?

I’d love to know.

(See you in the comments)

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