Having just gone self-hosted, I’ve had to transfer, edit and generally go through all my old posts over the last week or so and in doing so a few things have sprung to mind:

    • I’ve had some funny stuff happen to me this year,
    • I’m a grumpy old shite,
    • People love to laugh at me when things are going wrong.

I’ve used that stats from my old site to compile a top ten of the most viewed posts of 2017 (a Top of the Poppins 😉) and in doing so I think I’ve cracked this blogging lark wide open!!

I’ve come up with ‘the Boyzone/Billy Ocean Theory’ but more on that later.

For now, I’ll now hand over to Tony Blackburn to countdown my top ten blog posts of 2017.

Top of the Pops meme

Number 10:


Number 9:

Driving your kids to sleep


yes, that’s Elton, listening intently to my parenting tips

Number 8:

Things I’ve learned since becoming a stay at home dad

Number 7:

the ‘will we watch something on Netflix?’ argument

Number 6:

Grumpy resting face

in at number 5 Daddy Poppins

Looking, emmm, Sharp, there Pat

Number 5:

The unwritten rules of Christmas

Number 4:

Daddy Poppins on TV

(Ah, come on now lads, he was bound to get a mention)

Number 3:

Can you have a relaxing family break?

Number 2:

The truth about ‘Flying with kids’

and in at Number 1:

OPHELIA – You’re breaking my heart

So there you have it, you loved reading about me:

  • Struggling with getting kids to sleep on holidays,
  • Struggling while taking a toddler on a flight and
  • Struggling with a trampoline after underestimating a hurricane.
Can you notice the common link here? (If you are ‘struggling’ to then you have issues 😜)

Heres to more struggles and fun in 2018.

What’s with the theory Poppins? Don’t leave us hanging.

Well, here goes:

The Boyzone/Billy Ocean Theory (in musical format):

Poppins’ got something to tell you,

Poppins’ got something to say,

He’s gonna put his blog in motion,

He’ll never let nothing stand in his way,

When the going gets tough,

The blog gets funny,

When the going gets tough,

The Poppins gets content.

Or in equation format, if you prefer.

Grumpy Poppins + struggling through ‘should have known better’ situations x Memes + Dad Jokes = Laughs and views.

I think you’ve cracked it Poppins

‘Till next time


Daddy P.