February 2018

Should you go on holiday with the kids

We’re right in the middle of the ‘depressing months’, you know the ones. Christmas is over and you’ve had enough of the cold weather, warm fires and layered clothing (that you all seemed to want six months ago, ahem). We’re… Continue Reading →

Pontypandy: ‘Priced’ out of the market

Welsh town of Pontypandy decreases its annual safety spend by 678% After years of huge insurance premiums and counting the cost of ’emergency services call out charges’ the people of the small welsh village of Pontypandy decided they’d had enough…. Continue Reading →

Canadians are weird

Sorry about the clickbait title, here’s a conversation I had with the little nan: 7yo: We had pancakes in school and I liked their maple syrup. It didn’t have that horrible aftertaste Me: It was probably golden syrup. It tastes… Continue Reading →

The Best Presents a Dad Can Ask For

Any full time parent deserves a break once and awhile and to likes to be shown that they are appreciated for all the hard work and stuff they put up with on a daily basis. Whether you need some inspiration… Continue Reading →

The School drop off – narrated by David Attenborough.

The legend, Sir David Attenbourgh, he won’t be with us much longer, guys. (Sorry, I have to say it). Appreciate him and his documentaries while you can. He’s an institution. I remember sitting beside my dad watching his shows as… Continue Reading →

A-Z of Parenting

So you’ve decided to become a parent? What do you need to know? Well, regular readers will know I usually cut to the chase. I’m not a ‘word mincer’, I’m not going to pretend it will be a string of… Continue Reading →

Bedtime Gremlins – a rhyme

My children are like mogwai, Do you know what I mean? By day they’re all cute But at night they’re obscene!! They turn into ‘naughty gremlins’ at the stroke of nine, Highly strung mutants, With no concept of time! As… Continue Reading →

10 things that piss me off

Were you ever asked something and you just had to do it, really quickly? Even though you had something else on? 15 minutes ago a Mixed up Mummy tagged me to tell her what 10 things that piss me off,… Continue Reading →

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