Were you ever asked something and you just had to do it, really quickly? Even though you had something else on? 15 minutes ago a Mixed up Mummy tagged me to tell her what 10 things that piss me off, here’s what immediately came to mind…. (well, after I said ‘only 10?’)

10 thing that piss me off:

1. When your kids gain a new lease of life at bed time.
2. Unsolicited parenting advice (particularly from people with no kids).
3. Finding stuff that should have gone in the washing machine 30 seconds after you’ve pressed start on the cycle.
4. Being badgered repeatedly for an elaborate snack that, once made, your kid refuses to eat.
5. Companies you’ve never interacted with tagging you in photos and posts on social media.
6. Mr. Tumble.
7. Back link hunters pretending to be ‘interested writers’ or telling you that really enjoyed your latest post (that they obviously haven’t read).
8. Huge multinational companies ‘with no budget’ (but 60 billion in worldwide profits) asking you to work for them for free.
9. The ‘Daddy Finger’ song (all its 4.5 million YouTube derivatives).
10. Being asked what 10 things annoy you during the first match of the Six Nations

Don’t you know the match is on

Look, here’s the deal, theres probably much more annoying stuff, like; famine, genocide, snobby right wing government ministers, the church covering up child abuse etc. but I needed to get the first 10 things off my chest so I could pay proper attention to the game.

I thought I did, alright.

UPDATE: Holy Moly Johnny Sexton.

What a drop goal