My children are like mogwai,
Do you know what I mean?
By day they’re all cute
But at night they’re obscene!!

They turn into ‘naughty gremlins’
at the stroke of nine,
Highly strung mutants,
With no concept of time!

As soon as we say ‘its bedtime’
Thats when they transform.
To nocturnal little monsters
Could we use some Chloroform?

They scream, bounce and jump,
They just won’t calm down.
“Don’t tip out that Jigsaw”
I’ll exclaim with a frown.

Their final gremlin transformation
Is complete at around ten,
Looking for snacks, then water,
then for snacks, again.

Round and round and round we go
It’s bloody de ja vu
Is there any way to stop it?
I don’t know what to do.

It’s twenty past twelve now
And there’s no sign they’ll ever stop.
Hyperactive little gremlins,
My heads about to pop.

“Please Just go to bed”
“We all need could use some sleep”
“No I don’t want to read the Gruffallo again”
(You little bloody BEEP)

At 2 am, just when you’re about
to lose the will to live.
You’ll notice the mayhem disapate
Somethings going to give!!

It’s you or them, just wait it out,
You’re the adult in this scene,
Watch them finally drop off
They’re no longer ‘gremlin green’

Your beautiful mogwai children, snoring
They’re extra cute again
You really do love them.
(till tomorrow night ’round ten)