The legend, Sir David Attenbourgh, he won’t be with us much longer, guys. (Sorry, I have to say it). Appreciate him and his documentaries while you can.

I hope you and whatever that thing is are right David. I really do

He’s an institution. I remember sitting beside my dad watching his shows as a kid and I love introducing my kid to them too. Top notch TV 👍; educational and entertaining, what a combo.

So what would he make of us humans? Who?

Mr Attenbourgh, of course. Keep up!!

What better way for us to find out than to assume his world famous voice and listen to his narration of everyday life.

David Attenbourgh narrates the school drop off

”As the Poppins makes his way to the drop off you can see he’s under immense pressure. His young, safely tucked away behind him in his automobile as he travels, closer and closer still to his destination.

The School.

Reminiscent of the watering hole in the African plains; busy, bursting with all forms of life. This essential gathering place could be the making or breaking of his young.”

”Although this Poppins is middle aged he definitely has ’a lot to learn’ as he undertakes a role usually filled by the female of the species (a ferocious beast, by all accounts 🤣), yet here we have a male, trying to infiltrate a typically female dominated location.”

”Will he assess the hierarchy of such a complex situation or wilt into the shadows like many males before him?”

”His ’presented confidence’ seems to be standing to him as he places the younger of his offspring nonchalantly on his hip and instructs the other. It’s a socially complex situation for both this intrepid Poppins and his young but he is doing his utmost to hide hide his anxieties from his brood.”

”For one so inexperienced, he appears to be progressing well; he’s managed to move the soon to be ’Alpha Male’ of his lineage from his transport to the entry point of the school gate with relative ease (the laws of the land preventing him from going any further), side stepping a large pack of ’yoga pants adorning’ vultures and a small group of laughing (and gossiping) hyenas, who are both waiting for any kind of slip up, ready to pounce at a moments notice.”

”he stands, unaware of the constant threat such a situation provides, particularly now as he is alone, childless, and apparently ambivilant to the workings if his current surroundings. He hasn’t realised yet but he’s easy prey to the various predators who are watching his every move with intent.”

”He hasn’t noticed that a cougar has taken an interest in him and detached herself from her pride and is currently ’stalking her prey’, ready to pounce once the opportunity arises.”

”She’s making her move, bounding with intent towards the oblivious Poppins as he watches his offspring move closer towards the safety of the front door of the school.”

”He’s noticed her now, but she’s upon him. It’s too late for him…”

“Can I talk to you about the PTA?”